October 24, 2016

The leaves are beautiful!!!

The boys finally got haircuts. ✂️

B got to stay up late for the bonfire!!! 🔥

1st Bonfire @ our 🏡 // 10•22•16

& of course… some more Snapchat silliness. 😝


October 17, 2016

The fabulous Lindsey hosted a fabulous Baby Shower for Mel on Saturday. Good times! 👶🏻

Saturday was Bennett & Daddy P’s last day of the season. I was unable to attend the game, but I heard they did well and had fun! Medals all around. 👍🏼⚽️🏅

Colten would not be left out. He’s a winner, too! 🏅

Our annual trip to an orchard was on Sunday and it was a success! Beautiful weather and good food, delicious apples, corn maze and a hayride FTW! 🍎🌽☀️🎃

Getting in some walks while the weather still allows it! And enjoying a treat – delicious Honeycrisp apples from the orchard! 🍂🍎🚶🏻

First Fall at our home. Seeing how the leaves change for Fall has been absolutely beautiful. I love it!!! 🍁❤️

The weekend wouldn’t be complete without some Snapchat fun. 
Happy Fall Y’all!!! 😊

April 18, 2016

I have spent the last week or so without my Husband. He was spending the week with his Dad being a Cowboy in the desert. 🙂

IMG_6476 (1).JPG
My hot Cowboy!!! ♥

So you know the saying “Absence makes the heart grow fonder”? Well, I can assure you this is true. It puts everything that became , well, a bit fuzzy – into sharp focus. And all the while, blurring the not-so-endearing qualities.

All of the things I am dependent on him for become crystal clear. The LONG list of things that he does on a daily basis for me, and for our family, is undeniable.

I missed him for that reason and because I really enjoy his company, his humor, just him.

But we made it through the week and after his plane was delayed 2 or 3 times, he finally made it home and our family was complete again. ♥

Watching him teach our eldest Son how to ride his bicycle for the first time ever without training wheels was truly magical… my heart nearly burst. His patience amazes me every. single. day. He has taught me to be a better human being, just by being himself.

Bennett’s first time without training wheels!                                                  4.17.2016

I cannot believe how truly lucky I am to have Daddy P in my life, how lucky I am to have the privilege to share my life and my family with such a man. I have said it many times before but feel the need to say it again and again because I am overflowing with love and respect for this man.

So thank you, Daddy P, for being so damn awesome. Seriously, you are my everything.

And you are appreciated. So very appreciated.



March 29, 2016

The first family picture in a long time…

Easter 2016

And I have come to the realization that it is nearly impossible to get a picture with both of the boys smiling at this point. Meh, at least we’re all in the picture. LOL

I haven’t posted for a while, either… and I really do want that to change. I even set up a daily reminder on my phone to “BLOG” … so far it hasn’t worked out but I hope to change that in the near future.

Our family has been in a sort of “temporary” situation. We were living in a different area and attended Kindergarten Orientation for B at the area school. Basically all we did was walk around the school and check out the classrooms and there were some flyers and what not to read through but at just that – we were not impressed. It just didn’t feel right. So we talked about it and we decided – quite quickly, actually – that we did not want our boys to attend that school. The particular area where we were living had 2 different elementary schools depending on the area that you live. Unfortunately, we were in the area that went to the less desirable one… but we decided that we didn’t want them to attend any of the schools in that district. We put our house on the market and after a short while, it sold. We discussed the schools around the areas and decided on the school that both Daddy P & myself went through and open-enrolled B. We then packed up our stuff and moved into Daddy P’s Mother’s house – thinking it would be so temporary – only a few months – at the most. That was June of 2015. It is now nearly March 2016 and we are still living there. The houses in the school district where we want the boys to attend school is highly desirable. And there is definitely a lack of houses on the market in that area – especially in the price range we are looking. Long story short – we should be closing on our new home at the end of April and I. Cannot. Wait.

We have a very busy April coming up and I welcome it with open arms. Hopefully, it will help time to pass by quickly so that we can get moving forward with our lives as a family. It has been somewhat challenging to squeeze our family of four into the basement of my MIL’s house – while it is much better than some small apartment, it has not always been the easiest. Most of our belongings are packed up in 2 storage spaces and it will be like Christmas finding out what we have in there. It will be a great opportunity to sort & purge!!! I am very excited about it all. To have our own place again will feel completely surreal – so awesome!!!

Despite feeling like our lives have been put on pause, life forges on. The boys are growing like weeds and ColtenIMG_5920.jpg is a full-out walker now, he is quite a handful to keep up with!!! His personality is blossoming every day – he is quite happy and usually wears a smile. On those rare occasions where he’s not, he’s usually wearing a mad face. LOL He has a little bit of a temper – he has a tendency to throw things and does hit a little bit – but we will work on that as he gets older and learns right from wrong. 🙂 Bennett never did this stuff, so it will be a new challenge. But he really is a joy… he likes music, trucks, duplos, and destroying things – like block towers, duplo towers, etc.  He’s become very vocal recently and we are waiting for him to just start spewing out words. Any day now. 🙂

Bennett has grown into such a big boy now… it’s so crazy. Pictures from just one year ago look so different, so different. He is also very anxious for us to get a house because a lot of his toys were put away in storage and he cannot wait to get them out!!! He has been quite patient considering how long we have been displaced and I feel guilty for some of it, but in the long run, it’s what we think will be best for the boys! He loves Kindergarten still and is becoming quite the reader. He has excelled past the level that they want the kiddos at for his grade now and we couldn’t be more proud of him and how far he’s come from not being able to read anything. He sounds out words everywhere we go and it’s fun to see. He is usually a pretty good kid, but forgets to listen sometimes, but we are working on that. He is such an awesome older Brother, too. Seriously, Colten is so lucky. He is always watching out for him and it is so sweet to see. I love watching their relationship grow. Warms my heart.IMG_5921.jpg

Spring is coming here in Minnesota and we all have the itch to get a new home and get on with our lives. Let’s go, Spring – let’s go!!!


February 15, 2016


Daddy P & I attended B’s school conference yesterday evening. It was my first one since I was unable to attend his first!

October 9th 1 025.jpg
“I played soccer” [this is an older one…his writing has improved!]
It was SO GREAT to hear how well B is doing. Not just academically, but socially. He pretty much got the best Kindergarten teacher ever and the simply adore each other – we feel very lucky. Daddy P & I were bursting at the seams with pride after meeting with Mrs. L! She said that all of the kids like him and he is always very positive and kind. He has come so far from not being able to read at all and is actually above the average for this time of year! It is amazing to see how much he’s learned. He has really flourished in school, and we could not be happier! He especially enjoys Art – and that makes this Momma thrilled inside. 🙂


Meanwhile, Colten has been growing like a weed. He is becoming quite the little toddler, literally. He toddles/walks all over the place these days – getting more confident by the day. He is babbling like crazy and already has an awesome sense of humor. One of his favorite jokes is pointing to himself and saying “Dadda”. A little stinker already!!!


I have recently discovered the world of K-dramas. “Korean Dramas” – and it is utterly fantastic. I have started out with the show “Boys Over Flowers” and I am obsessed!boysoverflowers.jpg

It has really fueled my interest in everything Korea – I am going to learn the language and want to learn about cooking some Korean food – it is amazing. It feels amazing – a whole new view of myself and a fresh new want to learn.


January 12, 2016

So… life is busy.

Um… I don’t even remember what I posted about previously. I literally started that post on the 4th and haven’t had a chance to finish it. Life is busy.

What’s been going on?

Well, Bennett is back to school after 2 weeks of Christmas/New Years vacay. He really loves his teacher and she really is the perfect Kindergarten teacher. He’s reading like a champ and I couldn’t be happier about it all! He is getting so big … I have Timehop {app} and it shows you pictures from 1 year/2 years/3 years, etc. and in just a year, he has matured so much. His little sweet baby face is pretty much gone. Don’t get me wrong, he is still cute as ever. 🙂 He does look just like Momma. 😉

I have a question for you all… Does drinking alcohol make you a better or worse person than you are “typically”? Does it strip down your inhibitions and reveal the true person you are or does it make you someone you never were? I am so emotional when I drink.. has anyone seen “Making A Murderer”??? OMG… I literally cried when I heard Brendan’s verdict. Yes, I was drinking wine – No, I am not an alcoholic. 😛

Anyway… I just wanted to get another post published … and I see now it’s actually the 13th… oh well. Posting.