β€˜Tis the season to look at our lives and identify the things we are grateful for. I always tell myself that I am going to start at the beginning of November and make sure to point out to the world and myself one thing I am grateful for each day. This never seems to happen and I am starting to realize that’s one of my faults. I have trouble focusing on goals and getting them done. I am going to try to do better, though. Like blogging more … I have this domain and have for years now but I never blog anymore… BUT, I just got a keyboard for my iPad and man …. this makes it so much easier so maybe I will actually be on here more often.

Anyway, back to being grateful.

It’s not November 1st, but I am definitely finding myself feeling grateful for things lately, especially with the passing of my Aunt Mavis. Death has a tendency to pull things into focus that have hastily become blurry with the mundane day-to-day.

Today I am grateful for heat in my home. It’s currently a brisk 20 degrees outside and feels like it’s 5. There’s nothing better than cuddling up in my flannel sheets on nights like these. I am guessing there might be a mini heater that will climb into our bed later also. Double bonus.

I will try to post more often as I feel I should be more adult and spend less time playing Clash Royale and more time growing as a person?

What are you grateful for today?



Another weekend has come & gone—😫

Friday was family Lego night! We all built houses!

We we able to get outside for a bit on Saturday before the temps dropped. SO READY FOR SPRING!!!

Snack time brought unique sandwiches!


Sunday Funday at San Pancho!Poor Colts has been struggling with bedtime lately … but once he falls asleep, so sweet. πŸ’š


Monday | 10.22.18

Breweries & Dinner out with some friends.

Late night movie with B β€”- Jurassic World!

B & his tree have both grown so much!

Same with C & his tree! Wow!

A little ride on the John Deere!

We finally got a few Autumn days! πŸ‚


Thursday | 2.8.18

So I forgot to blog…

I need to do better!!!

Let me see… what’s been going on —

We celebrated my Dad’s Birthday last weekend, a few days before his actual as he was going to be OOT.

πŸ• πŸŽ‚ ♦️ ♠️ β™₯️ ♣️

I discovered the world of Podcasts and have found my favorite thing to listen to while in the car. I already finished this one — Dirty John — and am now obsessed with this one –

True crime has always interested me, so it makes the commute FLY. πŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸ™ŒπŸΌ

Daddy P is back on his feet and it’s AMAZING. πŸ‘πŸΌThe boys are getting along / for the most part / really well and it melts my heart to witness it all. πŸ’™πŸ’š Super Heroes — especially Hulk — are still a big thing in our home. And recently … Cars have made a comeback.

Other than that — we have been stuck inside a lot of the time because it’s been cold AF. I am ready for winter to be done. I’ve been trying to get on the treadmill more and that’s a constant struggle. There’s never enough time in a day. But … after listening to My Favorite Murder … I’m just glad to be alive. πŸ˜„ Until next time…


tuesday | 1.2.18

New Years Resolutions anyone?

I’m not a huge fan of NY resolutions – simply because it seems many choose resolutions that cannot be realistically maintained. But there are positive vibes that come with being optimistic about what we could change, for the better, in the year to come. So… with that being said … I do have a few things that I am hopeful about …

  • Put the phone/ipad down until the kids are in bed
  • Read more
  • Be more selfless
  • Travel more
  • Blog more
  • Cuddle with my boys more

Looking at those, they are not that unrealistic. πŸ™‚

So far I’m doing pretty well with one of them. Here’s to more blogging in 2018! I said the same damn thing last year and failed terribly. I can do better!

Happy 2018!