Hello world! My name is Anika Lee and I’m a Mom and a Wife. My kiddo is a just-turned 4 year old master manipulator and my Husband is a handsome, rugged ol’ chap that makes our society better on a daily basis. {PROPS DADDY!} My DH and I work AWESOME & SUPER EXCITING desk jobs {ok, i lied} Monday-Friday to provide the best life for our family of 3. It’s difficult balancing everything but it’s also an adventure. I enjoy snapping pics with my Canon, FOOD, movies {romantic comedies are my favorite!!!}, music {just about anything…}, fishing {mainly bass}, camping {we do an annual trip up north!}, and other crap I can’t think of right now. I dislike tapioca pudding, icy roads, snotty people, and dry skin {thanks a lot, Minnesota}. I’m an Asian-American with a Swedish name that says UFF DA. I write about anything & everything so follow along if you’re bored .. maybe I’ll say something interesting.


{i may look cray cray… and yes, i just might be}



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