March 29, 2016

The first family picture in a long time…


Easter 2016

And I have come to the realization that it is nearly impossible to get a picture with both of the boys smiling at this point. Meh, at least we’re all in the picture. LOL

I haven’t posted for a while, either… and I really do want that to change. I even set up a daily reminder on my phone to “BLOG” … so far it hasn’t worked out but I hope to change that in the near future.

Our family has been in a sort of “temporary” situation. We were living in a different area and attended Kindergarten Orientation for B at the area school. Basically all we did was walk around the school and check out the classrooms and there were some flyers and what not to read through but at just that – we were not impressed. It just didn’t feel right. So we talked about it and we decided – quite quickly, actually – that we did not want our boys to attend that school. The particular area where we were living had 2 different elementary schools depending on the area that you live. Unfortunately, we were in the area that went to the less desirable one… but we decided that we didn’t want them to attend any of the schools in that district. We put our house on the market and after a short while, it sold. We discussed the schools around the areas and decided on the school that both Daddy P & myself went through and open-enrolled B. We then packed up our stuff and moved into Daddy P’s Mother’s house – thinking it would be so temporary – only a few months – at the most. That was June of 2015. It is now nearly March 2016 and we are still living there. The houses in the school district where we want the boys to attend school is highly desirable. And there is definitely a lack of houses on the market in that area – especially in the price range we are looking. Long story short – we should be closing on our new home at the end of April and I. Cannot. Wait.

We have a very busy April coming up and I welcome it with open arms. Hopefully, it will help time to pass by quickly so that we can get moving forward with our lives as a family. It has been somewhat challenging to squeeze our family of four into the basement of my MIL’s house – while it is much better than some small apartment, it has not always been the easiest. Most of our belongings are packed up in 2 storage spaces and it will be like Christmas finding out what we have in there. It will be a great opportunity to sort & purge!!! I am very excited about it all. To have our own place again will feel completely surreal – so awesome!!!

Despite feeling like our lives have been put on pause, life forges on. The boys are growing like weeds and ColtenIMG_5920.jpg is a full-out walker now, he is quite a handful to keep up with!!! His personality is blossoming every day – he is quite happy and usually wears a smile. On those rare occasions where he’s not, he’s usually wearing a mad face. LOL He has a little bit of a temper – he has a tendency to throw things and does hit a little bit – but we will work on that as he gets older and learns right from wrong. 🙂 Bennett never did this stuff, so it will be a new challenge. But he really is a joy… he likes music, trucks, duplos, and destroying things – like block towers, duplo towers, etc.  He’s become very vocal recently and we are waiting for him to just start spewing out words. Any day now. 🙂

Bennett has grown into such a big boy now… it’s so crazy. Pictures from just one year ago look so different, so different. He is also very anxious for us to get a house because a lot of his toys were put away in storage and he cannot wait to get them out!!! He has been quite patient considering how long we have been displaced and I feel guilty for some of it, but in the long run, it’s what we think will be best for the boys! He loves Kindergarten still and is becoming quite the reader. He has excelled past the level that they want the kiddos at for his grade now and we couldn’t be more proud of him and how far he’s come from not being able to read anything. He sounds out words everywhere we go and it’s fun to see. He is usually a pretty good kid, but forgets to listen sometimes, but we are working on that. He is such an awesome older Brother, too. Seriously, Colten is so lucky. He is always watching out for him and it is so sweet to see. I love watching their relationship grow. Warms my heart.IMG_5921.jpg

Spring is coming here in Minnesota and we all have the itch to get a new home and get on with our lives. Let’s go, Spring – let’s go!!!



2 thoughts on “March 29, 2016

  1. Congrats on the new home! It will be so nice to have your own space again. Your boys are so cute and what a great family picture! Mine will be 4.5 years apart, which I think is pretty close to yours. I can’t get my one kid to smile for pictures, so two will never happen.

    • Thank you!!! 🙂 I think it’s a good spacing. Do you get a lot of annoying comments on how far apart they are? We do and it gets really old. LOL Luckily both of my boys are pretty smiley, although Colten seems to not understand smiling for pictures all of the time. hehe – I will train him just like I did with Bennett – the key? BRIBERY. 🙂

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