February 15, 2016


Daddy P & I attended B’s school conference yesterday evening. It was my first one since I was unable to attend his first!

October 9th 1 025.jpg

“I played soccer” [this is an older one…his writing has improved!]

It was SO GREAT to hear how well B is doing. Not just academically, but socially. He pretty much got the best Kindergarten teacher ever and the simply adore each other – we feel very lucky. Daddy P & I were bursting at the seams with pride after meeting with Mrs. L! She said that all of the kids like him and he is always very positive and kind. He has come so far from not being able to read at all and is actually above the average for this time of year! It is amazing to see how much he’s learned. He has really flourished in school, and we could not be happier! He especially enjoys Art – and that makes this Momma thrilled inside. 🙂



Meanwhile, Colten has been growing like a weed. He is becoming quite the little toddler, literally. He toddles/walks all over the place these days – getting more confident by the day. He is babbling like crazy and already has an awesome sense of humor. One of his favorite jokes is pointing to himself and saying “Dadda”. A little stinker already!!!


I have recently discovered the world of K-dramas. “Korean Dramas” – and it is utterly fantastic. I have started out with the show “Boys Over Flowers” and I am obsessed!boysoverflowers.jpg

It has really fueled my interest in everything Korea – I am going to learn the language and want to learn about cooking some Korean food – it is amazing. It feels amazing – a whole new view of myself and a fresh new want to learn.


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