What’s new, magoo?

Well… I have been telling myself that I need to post for what seems like forever now. So I have a few minutes here and I finally pulled up WordPress and here I go!

Colten just hit the 15 week mark a couple of days ago – where does the time go??? He is a big boy! His head was in the 90-some percentile and he isn’t staying on track with the clothes sizes like Bennett did… and he is such a happy and good baby, it is insanely awesome.

Bennett is loving his Preschool days {2x a week} and mastering the art of pressing our buttons. He is still a big sweetheart… full of compliments and really knows how to use his charm. But he also has his rough days and nights … he really needs to work on his listening skills! I just registered him for Kindergarten yesterday – Class of 2028!!! UFF DA!

Daddy P & I are still smoothing out every day going-ons with two little ones. It is much different than I had imagined it would be. I wouldn’t have it any other way, though. I know everyone’s saying it these days, but we are truly blessed. Our boys make our lives full.

I have Spring fever really, really, really badly!!! It’s getting worse every day. I cannot wait until it’s warm enough to go outside and play and go FISHING! I’m not sure how much we’ll actually get out this year with the two boys now, but as much as we can – we will!

I have been back to work since January 29th and I feel a little guilty about not feeling bad about it. I take a shower every day and get to talk to grown ups… I am loving my job these days. It felt like I never left and, well… just feels great to be back in the saddle. Do I miss my babes? Of course, but someone has to make that paper. 😉

My little sister is having a baby on March 2nd!!! I am going to be an official Auntie and I cannot wait!!! It’s so strange to think of my little sis as a Mommy, but I know she’ll do great. I am so excited for her and her Husband!!! And Bennett and Colten get a cousin! Whoohoo!!!

So there’s a quick update on all fronts… I do hope to post more often but we’ll see how that goes. Maybe I’ll get my shizz together more once I quit milking myself. 😉

Happy weekend!


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