So I started out 2014 and was optimistic about my blogging rebirth. And I completely failed. Oops. I posted 2x since the New Year and now it’s nearly March. Oh well. “Keep Moving Forward”. {a quote from B’s most recent fave movie “Meet The Robinsons”}

Winter will not leave us alone and everyone is super sick of it all. Like I said, it’s nearly March and we are supposed to get dumped on with more f’in snow again today. 6-8 inches I think? Sure, it’s pretty and shines in the sun… but it really makes for a disgusting commute and I am really REALLY looking forward to spring. At this point we’re not even going to have any time for spring and we’ll jump right into summer for about 2 weeks and then on to fall. Seriously, Mother Nature. Seriously?! 

So what’s been going on with us??? Nothing crazy. Nothing blog worthy, I guess. Hence the lack of posts. Motivation? This weather sucks it right out of a person. It really does make you feel just BLAH. I need sunshine!!!!!!! I NEED VITAMIN D!!!!!!!!!!!

We finally got our backsplash up in the kitchen!!!!!!! But, it’s still not completely finished. The tiles have been cut with extreme detail and placed on the wall with more extreme detail – but it has yet to be sealed and grouted. Why you ask? Because my super awesome Husband is super aware about the products that he uses for such a large project. Did I possibly give him a hard time about taking so long to pick a sealant and grout? Absolutely. Should I complain? Nope. Meh, what can I say. I just hope it gets done before 2015. 😀 When it does get fully finished, I will definitely post a beautiful picture of it. It does make a huge difference in the look of the kitchen and I already love it – but I will love it 100000000000 times more when it’s actually fully completed. 

B is crazy as usual. He will be starting Preschool in the Fall and is still the utterly blinding light in my life. 

Daddy P & I have started on a healthier path recently and Daddy P has really done awesome. I swear it’s easier for men to lose weight than women!!!!!! He’s lost like 15 lbs already and man, it really shows!!!! We have quit drinking alcohol {sigh} and I have quit drinking pop and he has quit eating sweets. The discipline this man has is sooooooooooooo amazing. I admire it and hate it at the same time. We both hit the treadmill on the daily and I am super proud of both of us. It feels pretty good to make healthier choices and I hope to keep it up! 

It’s almost Friday and I am anxious for another weekend. No huge plans but we won’t be working. #winning


One thought on “#blogfail

  1. I’ve been so bad about blogging too! But my excuse is that I don’t have the internet hooked up at home. 😛 That’s awesome about being healthy and getting on the treadmill! Keep at it! 🙂

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