My kid is better than your kid.

I am proud of my child. I love him more than I could ever have imagined. I want the best for him and I want him to be happy. This is typical to what a Parent feels and wants for their children, I believe.

And I want him to be smart. But…

Do I want him to be a know it all? No. And do I expect him to know everything well before other children? No. If he does, great!!! But if he doesn’t… I don’t want him to feel like he’s lacking or not good enough. Ever.

I see people post things about their children constantly … on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. And, of course, I do the same!!! We love our children, we are proud of them, we want to share their greats and their moments and their accomplishments!!! I totally get that!!! But I do not like to then think of myself as a failed parent because my child cannot do the same or more than another. Because I’m not, I am not a failing parent.

My Mom sent me a link to an absolute wonderful article you can find here.

I see the competition to be the “best” parent or have the “best” children all over the place. Do I naturally feel the need to want to “top” others? Of course. But I know it’s not right and typically refrain. There are plenty of years for my child to feel competitiveness in sports, etc. – places in life where it’s appropriate. I don’t need my 3/4 year old to feel the stress that I may emit or they  may simply feel themselves. I want my child to be a child while they can. Stress has no place in his life yet.

Bennett cannot count to 100 yet and he cannot recite the ABC’s either. He can’t quite say his “L’s” just yet and still points with his middle finger. But I know he knows he’s loved and I know he’s happy and feels safe. And I know he is still a goofy kid and doesn’t have any issues displaying that on a daily basis, and I love it.

I am a good parent and my child is progressing just fine, thank you.


2 thoughts on “My kid is better than your kid.

  1. all those mompetitors can suck a fat one. kayla is freaking brilliant but when she was at a certain age, she didn’t do x,y or z. did i worry? hell no; she will learn when she learns and i never worried about hitting her milestones.

  2. I read this article a while back and I forwarded it to Christina because its a great one!

    It is so hard not to compare our kids to others the same age! Ethan cannot say his ABC’s correctly either, he says “wove” instead of Love, and pronounces his name Esan because he doesn’t have the th blend…the sp blend for that matter either 😉 He doesn’t recognize his letters and can write very few. But….they are 3! I have a hard time because we can’t afford preschool…and for some reason I feel awful that he isn’t going…but Cameron didn’t go until he was 4.5 and he is just fine. I have to remind myself daily that what he needs, he is getting. All kids are made different, and they all develop differently and they all have different strength and weaknesses! I see it even between my 3. They are all so different. I know what you mean by this post and I have been terrible about reading and blogging at all! I really should catch up. Lol. Eventually. Hope things are going well for you all!


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