sickbThis is what 104-105 degree temps look like. My poor baby had a rough day yesterday – feeling super sick with high temps and no appetite. I have been sick for over a week myself, and my Parents have also been sick with some icky cold. With Minnesota weathers being themselves – cold and snowy to 70 degree days, back to cold and snowy again… and now back to a beautiful 65 degree day… I think its taken its toll on us!!! I am feeling better today, though, and B’s nasty fever has gone down although still hanging on. Luckily, Daddy P has remained healthy and we hope that it stays that way!!! We are not the only sick family out there, either – people are sick at my office, at Daddy P’s office… we just need constant warmth, we need SUMMER!!!!

So since I’ve been sick I haven’t been working out. And I have also been indulging in comfort foods. Blah. So I’ve managed to gain a couple of lbs and I am feeling totes crappy about it. AND we have a family weekend at Wi Dells coming up at the end of May. Joy. Yes, that means swimsuits. GAH. Not cool. Anyway…. I’m thinking of wearing a Moo Moo … sooooooooo, yeah… anyway… any of my wonderful bloggie friends juice? I have been debating whether or not to try this new “trend” or not… seems like a great idea … but I also have a tendency to jump into trendy things and not continue them past a week. I’m not buying a juicer and never using it past the first weekend. Money doesn’t grow on trees, people. πŸ˜‰ So…any juicers??? Any tips??? Any awesome recipes??? Can I use my blender? πŸ™‚ I will be searching for answers to my questions after I post this. Yes, I do know how to use Google. πŸ™‚

I am working on a Summer Bucket List – so that post will be coming soon. That is, if Summer ever decides to stay here in Minnesota. Damn Mother Nature and her mood swings. πŸ˜‰

Hope everyone had a great weekend and is healthier than our household!!!!


4 thoughts on “Sick.

  1. Yuck, being sick is no fun. And, I agree that the weather swings contribute to getting sick (though my husband would argue otherwise). If I ever tried juicing (I haven’t), I would likely last a few days and quit. So, I’m a bad influence. BUT, I will say that I’ve been counting calories pretty religiously for a number of weeks and adding some light activity on top of that and I’ve managed to lose quite a few pounds. I’ll be blogging about it tomorrow, so come check it out!!

  2. ick on being sick. i hope you all get better soon!

    as for juicing, it’s not a healthy way to lose weight nor is it a good way to replace meals. personally, juicing is a good *snack* once in a while but never to replace a full meal. the majority of the vital nutrients are actually stripped out when you juice so it’s better to eat the actual thing. i’m not one to drink my calories but i have had a green smoothie as a snack. they’re definitely yummy but your best bet is to eat the real deal. just my 2 cents πŸ™‚

  3. Hope you all feel better and the weather throws you a bone! As for juicing, I think you can use a blender except that you will be left with all the guts and seeds and need to strain it. No recipes since I don’t like to drink vegetables ;). Jasmine at AdamAlexMommy (contact her via Facebook) was juicing for a while.

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