Sprinter sucks.

OK… so Minnesota is known for its ridiculous weather… especially during the winter. BUT…guess what?? It’s not supposed to be winter anymore – it’s supposed to be spring!!!

We’ve gotten over a foot of snow since yesterday – and I am NOT a happy camper!!!!


Dude, where’s my car??? {after sitting in the parking lot at my office all day!}

I know living in Minnesota… we ‘ask’ for this disgusting weather, we should be used to it. And during the actual predominantly winter months…fine. But April? F no!!!!! 😛

During our interesting “Sprinter” here in Minnesota… I did experience something I had never experienced before. A “Thundersnow”. It was lightning and thundering while it was snowing!!! That was a first for me!

The forecast doesn’t look all that great either. But having just checked it, it looks like there may actually be a light at the end of the tunnel… next Wednesday I spy a SUNSHINE and the number 5 – as in 52 degrees. Um, hello heatwave!!!! 😉

On the flip side of this ridiculous “sprinter”…. Bennett loves to play in the snow. He LOVES to shovel it!!!! And Daddy’s gotten extra use out of the snow blower. Lucky him. 😉

Hopefully this most recent little snowstorm is the last big one for this year… I’m not sure how much more of this white I can take!!! I want to start seeing green!!!! {grass and cash, thank you!} 🙂

Hope everyone is staying warm and if you’re in those warmer climates – soak up some extra Vitamin D and send it my way. Thank you!!!

Happy Friday Peeps!!!

PS. A big thank you to Lisa over at Expandng.com – for my signature. Isn’t it so cute? 🙂 She’s one talented Momma!!! 


6 thoughts on “Sprinter sucks.

  1. I love all this MN vocal. Sprinter? Thundersnow? Awesome!

    Not so awesome snow is literally being dumped on your state. I’ll refrain from talking about our too hot weather…

  2. Haha, a thundersnow. That is a great new word you just invented. Isn’t it the weirdest thing to see though? It happened here last year during a crazy middle of winter storm and it was really beautiful to watch. (The lightning bouncing off of the snow creates these bright blue flashes!) I hope all is well with you otherwise. I am just sitting here thinking of a name for another blog…..hmmmmm……. xoxox

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