blogging and my boy.

I haven’t posted for a while. Sure, I’ve got excuses – I was sick, I was tired, I was busy, blah blah blah. In reality, I just didn’t want to post because I felt like nothing was a good enough post. I’m sick of reading every other person’s blogs and thinking man… they really know how to post and write a good blog. every. single. day. I have come to realize that that is just not me. I’m not going to be able to post a good, solid post on the daily. And you know what? It’s Okay. And my posts usually aren’t all that solid and full of truths, life lessons, etc. And that’s also totally okay.

I used to blog about nothing, really. I didn’t have a main topic, a main focus – I just would write about whatever. Then I had Bennett. And then I had a wonderful topic to blog about and it was all about Mr. B. Since then, I have sort of lost my way in the blog world. I want to go back to enjoying writing on my blog instead of feeling like I have to have something on here every. single. day. I can hardly keep up with my stupid laundry… so don’t expect me to keep up with this blog. πŸ˜›

So… you won’t be hearing from me every day. And guess what? My posts won’t be all that noteworthy either. But I can guarantee they will be real, they will be random, and they will be honest. πŸ™‚ Could you ask for anything more??? I mean, really??? πŸ˜‰

Anyway, if you are still reading my blog, HAPPY MONDAY!!!! j/k i HATE Mondays. Did y’all have a good weekend??? I am bummed it’s over. Again. They always go by too quickly. I want 4 day work weeks!!!! I can dream….

I haven’t written about what B has been up to lately. He is my joy. He is everything that is good in the world and I wouldn’t trade anything for coming home to that cute little face!!!

I have noted before, he is fully potty trained now. He does have the occasional accident during the night but that is rare. {thank you waterproof mattress pads!!!} He wears big boy underwear 24/7 and is a champ at even holding it while we are out and about. He dislikes the automatic flushers but I have become quite crafty when it comes to those {ie. spit on the toilet paper and stick it over the sensor ;)}. He can run like the wind and has absolutely no fear. In true boy fashion, he loves to jump off things, on things, and over things. It seems like he always is trying to get to the highest point at all times… climbing on top of the couches, on tables, on counters, etc. He had put something on top of the refrigerator somehow the other day. I don’t want to know how he did that. πŸ˜›

I love to have conversations with him. He shows so much expression when he talks… and it’s just so much fun to see. He is getting to be quite independent and is definitely not a baby anymore. He’s already ‘planning’ his 4th birthday party. LOL Yeah… it’s in December. At least he’s not a procrastinator like Mommy. πŸ˜‰

We went bowling this past weekend for the first time ever. He did great and wanted to continue to bowl … every single turn and not give anyone else a turn. He eventually got the hang of the turns but then he spilled water on his pants and didn’t want to bowl with wet pants..even after they dried. Silly kid. But all in all, I think he’ll enjoy bowling in the future. It was a success, I’d say!

It’s getting harder to get hugs and cuddles from B and I know they will get even less as the years go by. I try to get them as often as I can – even if he’s not so willing. πŸ˜‰ He’s growing up so quickly… I can’t believe he’s going to be 4. I just can’t.

With that, here’s a vid of B ‘racing’ Auntie S when we hit up the arcade after bowling this past weekend. I can wait until he starts to drive. πŸ˜‰

Enjoy your day!


5 thoughts on “blogging and my boy.

  1. I think so many everyday bloggers relate to other bloggers through content. Not layout. Not specific topic. Not theme. Not giveaway. Not sponsors. Not fancy design. Not advertisers. None of that matters. So long as blogging makes you happy (re. the writing AND interacting with people who leave comments on your blog), that’s all that really matters.

  2. we’ve all been there about blogging; we just get busy and sometimes we’re just not inspired to write. i like random blogs; i like reading the jumbled thoughts of the author because they’re writing from the heart instead of contriving an “article” that seems too fake, kwim?

  3. I am with you here, I used to blog like no bodies business a few years ago. As i have gotten older I realize that I just don’t have the time or energy to do it anymore. My blog is not my job, I love posting but my content is surely lacking in words and frequency. I am okay with that I am glad I am not the only one.

  4. “real, they will be random, and they will be honest” – be who you are girl! I thought about posting every day, but then got real with myself. Great you are being real. That’s what every blogger should be. I hate filler-posts on blogs, myself. And YAY on the potty training!!!!!! Good trick to stop the auto-flushers from going-off mid-pee/poo. Whoa, he got on top of the fridge? Dang. Aw, 4 so fast! How darling is he in the video! Better driving than me ;).

  5. The thing I love the most about your blog is that one post has absolutely nothing to do with the last. That is what always keeps me coming back. I don’t want to read about the same theme, child, food, or whatever else every single day. I want a blog that is entertaining, and yours certainly is that! When you posted about the game you are addicted to on your phone I literally burst out laughing. It is refreshing to have such an open person on the web. Not trying to be perfect. Not boring everyone with all of your (not real) problems and grievances. I love your blog because it is you, and a way for us to stay connected. Keep on posting girl and I will always be checking back in! xoxo

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