Let’s agree to disagree.

Everyone has their own ideas and opinions. And they’re wholly entitled to them. 

So… what if you find that you and your friends have entirely different views on things? You’re a democrat, they’re a republican. You are anti-abortion, they are pro-life. You believe same sex marriage should be legalized, they are against it? Do you let that ruin your friendship? After all… friendships are usually based on commonalities. 

With Facebook and Twitter, it is so easy to show the world your ideals. Through pictures, statements, and the ease of sharing. I have seen varying views all across Facebook… from people I never knew because honestly, it had never come up in conversation before. 

Can people honestly simply agree to disagree??? Is a different view on certain topics enough to end a friendship? If you feel it is, maybe you weren’t a real friend after all.      Just sayin’.



3 thoughts on “Let’s agree to disagree.

  1. Your last lined summed it up. I’m not usually friends with people who don’t have the same fundamental views as I do. Does that mean we always have to agree on every hot topic issue? Not always, but often enough that there are pretty clear lines drawn. But, that’s just me and I know it isn’t that way for everyone. Also, I’d question if you haven’t ever talked about bigger issues with people, are they really your friends?

  2. Interesting comment from Nilsa: if you haven’t ever talked about bigger issues with people, are they really your friends? I’d say that most of my new “friends”, we don’t talk about much else besides kids, daycare, and other “superficial” stuff. With the friends that I call friends, we all share similar beliefs, which is why I know them in the first place. Sorry if your friend stopped being a friend b/c of one disagreement. It must have been really important to that person. Nevertheless, I couldn’t see myself not being friends with someone just because they didn’t share the exact same beliefs as me. I mean, who really does?

  3. Amen to that sista. I was just telling a friend yesterday how one of my friendships has completely deteriorated because we don’t share the same political views, and how I don’t think it should effect our respect of one another.

    What happened with you? A falling out….an argument?

    You know my thoughts about opinions. Like my grandpa used to say, “Opinions are like assholes, everyone has one.”


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