Sunshine & Traffic.

Well… since we lost an hour {& we are still recovering and adjusting over here!!} … I must say that it’s only been a week but this extra hour of sunlight a day is AWESOME!!!! But… it’s still only March… and it’s still chilly… and it still snows. ugh

And when it snows? Traffic BLOWS. It snowed an inch or two last night and this morning… the highway AND the back roads were backed up. I am SO sick of battling the icy & congested roads!!!! 

Yes, I am complaining. Bring me some warmer weather, no snow, no traffic… and this gal will be a happy camper. 

But… then again, things could be worse, right? If these are my worst gripes… I am doing a-okay. It’s all part of life. Blah. I’m still complaining. 😉

We even braved the chilly weather, snow, and setting sun yesterday after work and hit a local park. We didn’t last long, but I did manage to pull out my SLR and grab a few pics. It was so nice to dust that thing off and put it to work… now I wish my internet at home would work well enough to be able to upload them for use!!!! Damn you, Centurylink. 

What are you whining about lately? Let it all out. 🙂


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