ImageI want it to be Spring. Right now!!!!!

We had another snow storm here in Minnesota and let me tell you… I am SO over it. I am over the snow, I am over the cold temps, I am over the horrible traffic that ill weather brings. I am OVER winter!!!!

I want longer days and warmer temps. I want dresses with boots and lighter jackets. Better yet, NO jackets!!!! 

I think most everyone starts to feel like this around this time of year. It seems to be getting worse and worse… so I’m hoping that Mother Nature decides to maybe start a little early this year? Maybe? Hint Hint!!! Please?! OK. I’m BEGGING YOU! 😛

Anyone else have Spring Fever???                                                                                        What are you looking forward to?



7 thoughts on “spring.fever.

  1. If I was going to have spring fever in March, I would have chosen to live in the Carolinas, where weather in the 70s and lots of sun starts right about now. Instead, I chose Chicago and I embrace winter all the way through June. =)

    • HA!!! I have been living here in Minnesota for 30 years and I still haven’t learned to ’embrace’ Winter for that long. I need some pointers! 🙂

  2. What a lovely photo of the flower! Great depth of field and what lovely color! I just want some real snow first. I know, you’ve had enough, but I haven’t any yet :). Otherwise, I am ready for warmer temps!

  3. I remember that crazy feeling when we lived in the mid-west 😦 Hang in there love! Spring is that much closer and that much awesome 🙂

  4. totally wishing for spring! the snow has finally melted but you never know living in Sweden it might come back. But I can not complain at least the sun has been shining. freezing but sunny.

  5. Hey sista…..here we are getting the snow storm that just passed you guys. Ugh, yes, very sick of the weather. I owe you an email and a playlist and will be getting that to you soon. Please pass along my photo blog too! xoxo

  6. Spring is always my favorite season, and it’s always our shortest, since summer starts creeping in as soon as the weather even hints at warming up. It tends to be 65 then 95 overnight. Definitely enjoying the coolish temps, but could use a 10 degree jump!

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