Saturday, B was worrying me that he might be possessed by some evil demon.

joking, of course

He was acting cray cray!! He was not listening, talking back, arguing, and making the most strange noises while on the TO chair. Those noises were what made me almost call an exorcist! joking, again people

Anyway, the day ended and Daddy P and I didn’t yell once. {TOTAL props to us!!! a ‘yelling post’ to follow} It was a true ‘Birth Control day’. You know, those days that are just as good as any other contraceptive out there. haha.

Sunday, B was sick. He had a fever, no appetite and you could just tell he wasn’t feeling well. It’s never fun to see your little ones feeling under the weather. We lounged around and he took 2 naps during the day.. and he even told me “I just feel so tired” – which if you knew B, you would know he really, really, really dislikes the word “tired”. Usually he gets really upset if you mention that he might be “tired”.  So I knew he was not quite himself.


After the 2nd nap, he seemed like he was feeling better. More energy, laughing, smiling. And then later that night… he got worse again. We had rearranged his room and he was lying in his bed and was dozing off while reading a book. I took the book from his bed and heard him making some unusual noises with his mouth.. like he was swallowing more or something. I thought something might be wrong and the next thing I know, he sat up and projectile vomited all over his pillow and bed. And it scared him. It was super tough to watch and there’s really nothing you can do… but it was the very first time he’s vomited like that. I once found a little piddle of hours-old vomit on his pillow a while ago but I’m guessing it must have happened in his sleep. This is the first time he consciously experienced it and poor thing didn’t like it. Who does?

Gross. I literally hate puking and do it extremely rarely. Alcohol may or not be involved when it happens to me. 😛

We face-timed with my Mom and B, the poor dear, he literally broke down upon seeing her on the screen. I haven’t seen him cry like that for a long time and it pretty much broke my heart. And then he wanted to stay on face-time with her even though he wasn’t even talking … poor thing loves his Gaga Mary!!!

I don’t know much of what to do when vomiting happens so I asked my Mom. She advised little sips of water, a few crackers, popsicle, a little juice maybe. He had some water and we brushed his teeth to get that nasty taste out of his mouth, and he had an orange popsicle. He didn’t vomit again after that first time but fell asleep in our bed with an ice cream bucket beside him. His fever broke last night after the vomiting and he didn’t have one this morning. Daddy P has today off {Happy President’s Day} and I called to see how he was doing and all he said was “I want you, Mommy”. Broke my heart. Unfortunately, I can’t leave the office today b/c we are short-staffed, but I wish that I could have. At least he has Daddy P today!

What do you do for vomiting? puking? releasing the grossness?? 


4 thoughts on “Vomit.

  1. Poor babe, Sae just came down with a cold last night and she is pitifull right now. I hate when they are sick. I hope B feels better soon. For us she isn’t much of a vomiter but when she does it’s like B we just brush her teeth and get her lots of juice and Popsicles to keep her hydrated. I really wish there was more we could do at this age.

  2. Awww, poor little guy. That’s the worst! My pediatric nurse husband would tell you the number one priority is keeping kids hydrated, ESPECIALLY when they’re vomiting. So, water, juice, Pedialyte, fruit, soup, anything that has high water concentration in it. Oh, and if kids are reacting negatively to food (puking up what they put down), then a gentle BRAT diet is called for (bananas, rice, apples, toast) in addition to trying to keep their fluids down. Hope little B is one step to feeling better today.

    • Love that Nilsa refers to BRAT. I just re-read that somewhere. Anywho, hope B feels better! Poor kid, and mommy and daddy. It is so hard to see our kids not feeling well!! Again, hope he’s feeling better!!! When J was experiencing diarrhea, also a loss of fluids, we did lots of water, juice, and liquidy things like Nilsa said.

  3. That’s so stressful. It’s hard enough dealing with puke, but watching your baby throw up and not being able to stop it and knowing they’re confused/scared is awful. Ava, unfortunately, has become a puker lately. Not sure if she’s getting car sick or if she’s having some food issues again, but she’s thrown up repeatedly on multiple occasions in the car in the past couple of months. Such a nice smelling vehicle I have right now – lol.

    Plus, it scares me after what we went through with having to be admitted to the hospital a few months ago. We tend to just push fluids (she won’t drink pedialyte, but if B will, it can really help) and popsicles!

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