♥{love day}♥

Today is the day to celebrate LOVE. 🙂

Yes, yes, this is something that should be celebrated EVERY day… but today is a not-so-subtle pink and red reminder of that!

Mine started out with Caribou, flowers, cards & chocolates. What more can a girl ask for? 😉

So… I hope you all enjoy your days of love. Tell those you love how much you care for them  – and I’m not just saying shower them with gifts, candy, or flowers… in words, actions, and feeling, too. 🙂

I am so blessed with my family.

I declare my love for my wonderful Husband – Daddy P. TO THE WORLD!!! You rock, boo!! You know it! 🙂

I declare my love for my little stinker butt – B. You bring me so much joy… you are literally the light of my life!  ♥

We are not doing anything fancy tonight. We are doing what we’ve done for the past couple of years… we grab a couple of heart pizzas from Papa Murphy’s and heading over to my Parents’ house – Gaga S will also be there {Daddy P’s Mommy}. 🙂

So… that’s how we do. How do you do Vday? Big or small? Not at all?

Anyway, I leave you with a couple of ♥ Day pics.






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