what if we had never met?

I watch some crappy TV. I watch juvenile TV. I watch 90210-the newer version. {don’t judge!!!}

Anyway, this girl had gotten shot and was in the hospital about to go into surgery… she told this other guy that she thinks he would have been better off not having ever met her. While in surgery, she had a “dream” where she had never met him… or the rest of their friends. It was trippy. And interesting.

So I asked Daddy P… “what would have happened to us if we had never met?”

Daddy P: “we were meant to meet” awwwwwwwwwww 😉

But seriously… it’s kind of crazy to think about what would be .. for so many people.. and yourself, if you had never met each other. If you have never read “The Five People You Meet in Heaven” – I highly recommend it. It’s one of my favorite books. Ever. People’s lives are way more intertwined than we think at first glance. And the people in your lives definitely have a hand in your life as well. The support system you receive from your family and your friends, that’s huge.

That red light you hit this morning and you were so pissed off because you were already running late? That minute sitting there may have saved you from being in that accident down the road.

I got to thinking… what if I was never adopted? What if I still lived in South Korea?

It is sooooooooooo crazy to think about!!!! I have no idea about the going-ons in S. Korea, but I know they would be drastically different from the life I live here. There would be no Bennett… and I would probably have never met Daddy P. I would have never met my Parents, nor have my 2 sisters… and I would not be the most scandinavian asian person I’ve ever met. 😉

What if is definitely interesting to think about, but I am very happy I am where I am, with the family that I have. And the people that I love, and love me.

Where would you be if you had never… ?!

Happy Thursday everyone. T-2 days until Chi!!! WHOOP WHOOP


4 thoughts on “what if we had never met?

  1. I think about this sometimes, too, especially when I was pregnant with Ava! There were so many times that David and I should have met prior to when we did – we’re both from the same part of California, we both took similar courses in school and graduated the same year, etc! – but had we met earlier, we would have been different people and not ready for what we have now, so it worked out perfectly! And I’m so thankful it did 🙂

  2. “Scandinavian Asian person” awesome.

    I sometimes wonder what life would be like if I hadn’t met my husband. I couldn’t imagine marrying anyone else. Or what would my kid look like/be like if had married someone else? J is perfect in every way. So yea. I don’t like to think about it. I like my life, perfect and imperfect all at the same time.

    And “aw” about P saying you two were meant to meet. Now I’m tearing up at work. Pay back ;).

  3. I sometimes think what if in regards to my parents. They split when I was 4 and I lived with my mom in NY. At 12, I said I wanted to go live with dad in MD and they both agreed to it. What if I had stayed in NY? I definitely wouldn’t be as close to my dad as I am and I’m so thankful we have the relationship we do! I also think what if I wasn’t an only child? If I had had a sibling I definitely wouldn’t have left. I also dated a guy for 3+ years and he now lives in London for work. If it had worked out I might be in London right now! Crazy!! But I try not to think any what ifs in regards to Sidney and Jack. Jack was meant to be on this Earth and I can’t imagine life without him!! I also believe that everything happens for a reason and I’m meant to be where I am right now. It can be so crazy to think of all the what ifs!!

  4. I don’t really think about what would my life look like if I hadn’t met my husband, because we did in fact meet and answering that what if would be far too philosophical for my simple mind. (ha) But, I have, on a very rare occasion been reminded of an ex and thought briefly about all the ways my life would be very different than it is to say. And each time that happens (less than a handful total), I always wind up being grateful for where my life is today. Seems like you are, too.

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