Impending Vday.

Valentine’s Day is coming up pretty soon here!!!! In a few days, it will be February.

Cray Cray!!! 


Do you celebrate or do anything special for Valentine’s Day? Or are you one of those that think it’s a load of crap? Do you think it’s a stupid Hallmark holiday where people waste excessive amounts of money on unnecessary flowers and candy… or do you think it’s a beautiful day to celebrate your love for your sweetums?

I like holidays. I don’t care who made it up or if it is a waste. I like Valentine’s Day because it’s a happy day. It’s a day to celebrate your loved ones. I believe it’s more than just a spouse/sig. other day, I treat it more like simply a day of love. Why not have a day especially dedicated to those you love? Why not celebrate the love you feel? Why not? 🙂

One of my favorite parts of Valentine’s Day are the heart-shaped boxes full of the different types of chocolates. Of course you can buy these year-round, but they’re rectangles, or boring squares. Hello!!!! A heart-shaped box trumps ALL! I just love them and I hope that maybe Daddy P might get one for me … or maybe B will. *wink wink, nudge nudge* lol

So, what are y’all planning on getting your loves for this fun day??? Are you planning anything special? I’m still debating on what to do ….. all I know is I need to do something because the loves in my life are bomb and deserve some special treatment!!!!!


2 thoughts on “Impending Vday.

  1. I’m think it’s sweet you love V day so much. B looks so cute with his blazer and tie! We celebrate V day by going out to eat but don’t do the card/choc exchange. I can’t wait to receive my first V day card from J though. How sweet that’ll be.

  2. What a cute photo of B! We’re not really into holidays in our house … so much so that we scheduled a medical procedure for our son on Valentine’s Day (apparently we’re not romantic, either – ha!)

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