B is 3. {a little late…}

Bennett has been 3 since December 18th, 2012. It is now January 24, 2013. Oops.

I couldn’t get Bennett into the Dr. until January 2nd but it turned out just fine. NO immunizations needed, which was an added bonus!!!!!

Did that mean there were no tears this time around? Heavens no. Poor kid has an awesome memory and knows just what goes on at the clinics. We sat down in the waiting room {of a new clinic} and he said right away “Let’s get outta here!” Poor kid.

We tried a new doc for his 3 year well-child appt because it was super challenging to try to get an appointment at a convenient time for us at our previous clinic. I was really happy with this new clinic. It was clean, nice, quiet, and the doc was great with Bennett – despite Bennett’s unwilling attitude.

The tears didn’t actually start until the nurse asked him to stand on the scale by himself. Heaven forbid anyone ask him to be away from his Mommy! Immediate breakdown. We did manage to get his weight by himself… probably with a tiny bit of added weight from the tears. 😉 He weighed in at 30.4 lbs. That was in the 36% for his age. Not too bad. It definitely feels like more than that when you’re carrying him around for longer than a minute. lol

Then came the attempt to get his height. He didn’t want to stand there by himself. I think he was scared… so the nurse got what she could with me trying to hold him there standing as straight up as he could be… while, yes, still crying. 😦 36″ tall which put him at 17.5%. He’s not the biggest kiddo, but that’s okay with me. He told Daddy P the other day he is going to be bigger than him. I bet he will be. Bigger than both of us. 🙂 I hope, at least. Neither of us are contributing much for height – I come in at around 5’2″ and Daddy P is about 5’8″… sorry B. What you lack in height, you will make up in your winning personality. 🙂

Then we went to the room and attempted to take his blood pressure. More crying. He wouldn’t move from my lap. Poor kid. The nurse terrified him… because it’s always the nurses who actually give those terrible shots! 😦

The nurse left shortly thereafter and Bennett was fine again. But he repeatedly told us he didn’t want to sit on “that table”. Poor kid. He never had to sit on that table.

The doc came in and he was super nice and super good with B. He checked B out all the while sitting on my lap. All was well and B didn’t even cry while the Dr was in the room!!!

The best part about the doctor appt? ICE CREAM AFTERWARDS!


We are very thankful to have a healthy boy!


2 thoughts on “B is 3. {a little late…}

  1. Glad he’s healthy! Poor kid remembering the shots! He must not go to the doc alot. Lucky! j goes so often for sick, yet non-shot appointments, that he’s not phased by the office yet. And I’m sure B is going to be big and tall!

  2. I keep wondering why i have not seen any updates from your feed and DUH, I forgot you switched over. Now I have to catch up on all the goodies you have posted!

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