Friday Phone Dump.

I haven’t done this FOR-E-VER. It’s about time I get back on the blogging bandwagon!

And, I apologize in advance for any dupes you would see on my Instagram feed!!!!

My Mom sent this to me this morning … he couldn’t decide which cereal to have – so GM said he could have a little of each. *spoiled*

Trying on Papa Bob’s hat!

Me and the birthday boy!


Showing off his pipes!!!

Showin’ GM some love at Culvers for his special birthday lunch.

Having FUN at Chuck e. cheese for his birthday!

Poor B was sick here. He found this teapot at my Parents’ house and said even though he was sick, he was still the “teapot man”

Doing techy things with Godfatha Michael.

Christmas shots with my MIL!!!!

B got this shovel for Xmas from Papa Mike & Gaga Colleen… and from the instant of opening it, he did not want to let it go. Even during slumber.

I met Louis!!!!

Got out a couple of times to ride the 4-wheeler!


A picnic in the living room?! A picnic with Daddy P!

Getting some ♥ from B.


big plans this weekend? not over here! 🙂 and no complaints either!!!



3 thoughts on “Friday Phone Dump.

  1. Lol on getting to eat a little of every cereal! Is pipes what you call muscles? I’ve never heard of that! We had a birthday party today. It was fun. And I got some studio shooing experience.

  2. I love the photos of you and your son! I wish I could get those kinds of photos with my son, but he’s more interested in seeing the photos (that we haven’t yet taken) than actually being patient enough to take a few shots first! ha.

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