Hi. My name is Anika and I am a germaphobe.

I’m a germaphobe. It’s not necessarily “out of control”… but it’s definitely taken a real grasp of me and my daily life. I wash my hands A LOT {if you need hand lotion – GET THIS. It’s the BEST!!!}… and I am always aware of where germs may lurk… I was not always like this. No siree – I became a germaphobe through Daddy P. I’m not saying it’s necessarily aย bad thing, but it’s become a little bit of a hindrance in our lives. We are a family that vaccinates but the current flu shot/mist doesn’t protect against the current scare going around – Influenza A. It’s been in the news around here in Minnesota and it’s been killing people – old AND young, and even in between. I understand these are extreme cases, but they are real. These stories of those dying from the flu are not fiction. It scares me… but then I come to the dilemma… do I put certain things in our lives on hold {like germy places like the Children’s Museum, Indoor Play Areas for children, etc.} or do I continue to do the things we want to do when we want to do them? We have not sealed ourselves up in our home.. we just have been avoiding certain places and areas that would most likely be more full of germs simply because children sneeze, cough, spit, lick, bite and all of that fun stuff – and don’t wash their hands every time {that would be insane} and that’s just a reality. I’m not saying adults do any better, but I would like to hope so – plus, I am conscious of when I touch things and know not to touch my face, lick my finger, etc… B doesn’t quite get that yet.ย I am a firm believer in living in the now, but I don’t want B to get Influenza A…. obviously. Does anyone else postpone outings because of possible germ infestations… or is it just us? Now I feel sort of insane. So, am I? :-/ ย Usually I try to brush aside germ issues… like when we took B to Chuck e. Cheese’s for his birthday…. but when people are dying it’s scary!!! And then you think… it wouldn’t happen to us. But then I think… but what if??? Agh. Okay… yeah, I’ve decided. I am cray cray in the hay hay. ๐Ÿ™‚


It’s a freezing day in Minnesota and I am on my way to gaining a good, solid 5 lbs today. We had Caribou breakfast brought in this am and my co-worker and I picked up our favorite salads from Macy’s for lunch… and then my awesome fam of 3 is headed to Bacio for dinner tonight with my Parents!!!! Those garlic shrimp don’t have a prayer tonight! ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ll end up paying for all of this disgustingly good stuff – but not tonight, Jillian. Not tonight. ๐Ÿ˜›

Still Cray Cray – xox, a


3 thoughts on “Hi. My name is Anika and I am a germaphobe.

  1. Be smart but if you avoid places due to everyday germs you don’t build any immunity and actually become more weak and open to be extra sick. The reason we are more sick in the winter is because we dont socialize and get out as much as in the summer. So it is important to be around others to allow our bodies to be around germs/get fresh air-just don’t suck on things! Be smart but being exposed is actually very important. The more you “hide” the weaker you become and if you get something the weaker you could be to fight it. You know me and my health……do some reading it is very true. Sorry pooks but you need to be out. People who are dying are people like me. It is not people that are “normal” They are typically people dying from a secondary problem. They get the flu and then wham a secondary infection hits and that kills them. IE: me I have asthma So I get the flu, then wham I get Bronchitis. If mine did not improve I was going to be hospitilized due to the complications of the flu and possibility of more issues leading to death. Oh and studies have shown anti bacterial soap used too much then causes bacterias to become resistant so then the soap doesnt work anymore. So be smart but being a germaphobe can be harmful. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I was pretty much thinking exactly what Sarah S said as I was reading this post. So, I won’t add anything else other than the odds of you getting hurt in a car accident are pretty darn high, but I’m guessing that doesn’t prevent you from getting in your car each day, right? We kept our son mostly at home for the first six months of his life, because like Sarah, his immunity system was very weak (he was born 9 weeks premature). Ever since then, we haven’t limited his outings at all. Knock on wood, I don’t think he’s stayed home from daycare for illness in almost a year (and he’s only 27 months old).

  2. I am aware of germs too, especially at places with kids and surfaces. Like at today’s birthday party, there was a ball pen and J jumped in. I just wanted to bathe him in sanitizer! Ew. Nevertheless we all got the flu vaccine, shots. There are places I naturally won’t go, like old dirty play area at the mall, but I won’t avoid public places bc of the flu. I just stay inside bc I’m cold tho ๐Ÿ˜‰

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