{get the tissues ready}

I was scanning my News Feed on Facebook when I came across this shared post. I read it in the car {i was a passenger lol} as the tears came streaming down my face. It was so real, and hit home like cray cray!!! I am actually getting a little misty-eyed just writing this and thinking about what it all said. 


Read the waterfall-maker HERE.


Let me know what you think below!!!!!

Happy Friday y’all!!!!! 

Hearts, anika lee


One thought on “{get the tissues ready}

  1. Damn you, Anika Lee!! What a great article. She’s so right. We anticipate the firsts. Write them down. Take photos, videos. But it’s so hard to remember the “last time he…”. I will cherish these snuggle moments so much more now. The times when he wants to play with me instead of playing with his friends. I loved:

    “It hit me in the darkness of his cluttered room that these days are numbered. Some night in the future, Little Dude will ask me to snuggle with him before he falls asleep, and I will have no idea that it will be the last time. I won’t know to pay attention or to try to commit every minute to memory. Days or weeks or months later, I will try to recall when that last snuggle happened. I won’t be able to. I know I will ache to slide next to him on his narrow bed, listen to him breathe and wait for the moment when he surrenders to his dreams. “

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