DEAL: Paper Coterie “This Is The Year” Book

I have been trying to let go of the negative and unnecessary in my life and really grab hold of the positive and beautiful in my life. I also want to record everything beautiful in my life before I forget it {horrible memory here!!} and memories are so precious! I also require some structure… I tried a Gratitude Journal last year.. but that fizzed out after a few months. I want something that I can treasure for always and that is simple and structured. Enter the “This Is The Year” Book by Paper Coterie. This book enables you to record highlights of the month… has spots to include pictures or sentimental pieces of the month… and it was just what I have been looking for. I ordered mine today and if you order one before January 27th, you can get 10$ off each book! Code DIT10


Details: Where will 2013 take you? New adventures, new goals, new memories, new things to be grateful for. Capture them all in This Was The Year. Fill this charming and creative book with your favorite photos and text. Then, keep it handy throughout the year to make notes and capture everything you want to remember. Printed on premium 100% recycled paper.

♦ 32 Pages

♦ 5.5×5.5 or 8×8





I have ordered cards and a journal from Paper Coterie before. They definitely have quality products and I have been pleased with them each order. I am not getting paid or anything for this, I just love to share deals that I come across that are useful for me and may be useful to others!!!!

Happy Monday everyone!!!!

hearts. {a}


3 thoughts on “DEAL: Paper Coterie “This Is The Year” Book

  1. I just checked out their site. I love this book and the other products they have. I would love to get so much of what they have!! Maybe I can make my own journal/book for the year. That’s a BIG maybe. Ha!

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