So these are what I’ve come up with for this wonderful year, 2013. I try to keep my resolutions/goals realistic and I think these are quite feasible. The first one on the list is going to be the biggest challenge for me. I like to shop, I like clothes, and I like to get a great deal. Unfortunately, sometimes my love for a great deal outweighs the actual need for the item{s}. I have an overflowing closet of clothes and I don’t need anything. Of course situations arise where I may require a new pair of work shoes {I can actually say I will need a new pair sometime this year…} but I believe I can still purchase those used – which, in the spirit of being realistic, I have decided to still allow myself to buy. I know I can do it and honestly, it feels pretty good to automatically delete, without looking into, those almost-daily retail store “deal” emails that flood my inbox. Saves me a lot of time, also, not running around to different stores and allows me more time to spend on the good things in life – like chasing B around. ha.

Last year, my resolutions/goals were quite fundamental. Those still stand, and I will continue to work on those in 2013. They were this, found on this post:

Goals/Resolutions – 2012:
♦ Take time for yourself without feeling guilty
♦ Be motivated
♦ Volunteer
♦ Exercise
♦ Be optimistic
♦ Stay positive
♦ Eat healthier
♦ Try new recipes
♦ Stress less
♦ Love more
♦ Be thankful
♦ Simplify
♦ Let things go
♦ Be kind
♦ Smile
♦ Read more
♦ Try new things, period.
♦ Blog more regularly

So I guess this year, they are more specific to my needs at this time. I’m so excited to see what 2013 brings… I feel each year I live on this earth, it just gets better. I know every parent knows this feeling – but Bennett is just an amazing gift. I feel so very blessed to have been given such a wonderful family. I can’t wait to spend more quality time with them this year… and experience new things together… and learn new things together… and just be… together.

And peeps… I will seriously try to blog more. I feel so backlogged from posts that I’ve missed – I will seriously work on trying to get more OUT/POSTED … and not let it back up because then I just get more stressed out. Who needs stress?? Not me. 🙂

So…. I welcome 2013 with very open arms…!!!!! CHEERS!!!!



5 thoughts on “2013.

  1. Love it! Definitely realistic and I give you major props on that first one. I also love a great deal and, while I hate spending money on myself and rarely do, I’m always looking at things for Jack. He needs nothing!! LOL but I’m excited to see what this year brings and I’m looking forward to more posts from you! 🙂

  2. I like #1 though I don’t think I could just live off of second hand clothes shopping! I am going to be more wise about my buying this year, whether new or used. Have a great 2013! Hope you blog more too! The new WP blog should inspire you! Oh, and maybe a post on your old blog telling your readers you moved :). I had to subscribe to this new blog b/c your old RSS feed wasn’t leading here.

  3. Hey Anika,
    I love the new blog! I have been a reader for a while but a very lazy commenter…sorry! Glad to hear life is going well. Did you get my Christmas card? Do I have the right address for you? I hope so. I will be checking back in more often now. I miss you! I have been a busy girl too..I wrote a children’s book! Can’t say much about it via comment, but when I have a second I will put a nice big email together for you. Hope life is going well, and I love, love, love your number one on the resolution list. Boy, ain’t that the truth?! Talk to you soon! xoxo ~Lara

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