Potty Training Post {written by Daddy P}

This post should have been posted in November. Bennett is wearing underwear day and night now and I do believe it is safe to say he is fully potty trained at this point!!! He has been out of diapers for a good while now, but I haven’t had a chance to post anything about it. Heck, I haven’t posted much of anything. BUT, I still wanted to share this wonderful post written by my wonderful Husband. So…without further delay … here’s Daddy P:

undiesHello blog world!  My beautiful and talented wife, Anika Lee, suggested that I do a post on her blog about some recent success we’ve had with potty training our pride and joy – Bennett!  As some of you may know, Bennett is coming up on three years of age this December and he is full of endless energy.  We have tried encouraging Bennett in the past to take breaks from his wildman antics to sit on the potty “like big boys do”, however it always seemed like he would get too wrapped up into an activity and go pee/poop in his diaper.  We even tried underwear several times with him and made sure to explain that underwear is special and we shouldn’t be peeing or pooping in them.  Again, a valiant effort on our part, but no success was to be had.  Definitely frustrating – especially when he would tell us that he knew he was supposed to go pee or poop on the toilet!  Nevertheless, my wife and I would not be deterred – our little guy needed to embrace the toilet if it’s the last thing we ever did!  After some initial frustration with the potty training attempts, I remembered back to when a co-worker of mine mentioned the “Three day method of potty training”.  I did some google searches about this technique that sounded too good to be true.  Afterall, if all it took was three days, wouldn’t everybody do it?  Anyway, the premise of the three day method is that children are patterned from a young age to go pee or poop in their diaper so that is what feels right to them.  Therefore, they encourage that, for three days, your little one wear absolutely no underwear or diapers.  The idea is that the child isn’t wearing the tight diaper/underwear which previously felt like the right place to go pee or poop which forces them to use alternative locations – hopefully the potty!  I originally liked that method except for one major part – for three days straight they wanted the parents to pay constant attention to the child’s body language regarding having to go pee or poop.  Once a parent sees the signs, they are to rush the child to the potty!  After obtaining some success without any diapers/underwear, the three day method wanted to continue without such restrictive clothing for many months, but encouraged using sweatpants.  The idea of using less restrictive clothing to me made sense as to take our son out of his normal diaper comfort zone.  However, the initial three days of 100% attention on our son’s “potty body language” and not being able to wear diapers at daycare didn’t seem like an option for us.  Therefore, I decided to come up with a plan of attack suitable to our lifestyle.  While mommy was away one night, I decided to have Bennett wear no diaper or underwear when watching a movie and playing with his toys.  Meanwhile I constantly reminded Bennett of where to go pee or poop and asking him if he needed to go.  As parents, we tend to have a good idea when our little ones regularly dirty their diapers.  With that knowledge, I knew that our little Bennett had been holding his pee for quite sometime and likely needed to go soon.  I can’t remember if it was the first night or second that I did this with him, but I distinctly remember Bennett saying, “I want my diaper”.  With those words, I knew that things were going to happen quickly!  I kept bringing Bennett to the bathroom until the ultimate success – first real pee on the potty!  From that point on, I knew that keeping Bennett from restrictive clothing that reminded him of a diaper was key for the future success of potty training.  However, due to daycare still wanting diapers on him until he is fully potty trained, we had to do things in baby steps.  Step one – build up a routine of the child having no underwear/diapers on after getting home from work and before going to bed.  This would enable the child to practice acknowledging when they have to go and holding it until they actually make the trip to the potty.  Note – when the child is at daycare, they may still wear diapers, but that the provider should encourage them to use the potty.  Step two – introduce sweatpants once a solid foundation has been made with the child being able to recognize the urge to go and then head to the potty immediately.  Loose clothing is easy for the child to remove themselves when the moment of truth hits and is much more socially acceptable than having a naked child run around all the time!  Plus it teaches the child that they can still wear warm clothes without having to go pee or poop in them.  Again, when at daycare, it is OK to still have them wear diapers underneath the sweatpants as long as the daycare provider continues pushing for potty time!  Step three – once the child has a routine of being able to wear sweatpants without having many accidents and a high likelihood of going to the potty when needed, then think about introducing underwear.  Anika and I haven’t done step three yet, but I feel that once Bennett has a solid routine down, he will have success with underwear.  Afterall, if he doesn’t, then it’ll be back to step two for awhile until we give step three another shot!  This method has worked well for us so far and hopefully will work for others too!  Good look all you potty training parents!

Daddy P


4 thoughts on “Potty Training Post {written by Daddy P}

  1. We did a variation of the three day with Ethan when M was about 8 weeks so he was 26 months(ish) or so and it worked out pretty well. I stay home though so it was much easier, plus Cloth diapers supposedly help them recognize the wetness earlier. He was definitely ready earlier than C was! I will say that he still doesn’t like underwear. Lol. He wears them most times..but they are “too tight” So I would suggest sizing up once you start putting him in them. Ethan strips all his clothes off constantly though…so i don’t think it really has anything to do with potty training…I think he’s just a little nudist! Haha. Great job on the training!

  2. Just goes to show that every kid is different, and any “technique” should be tailored for that kid and the family. Great work Dad! And now that he is fully potty trained, congrats to both of you!

  3. Yay Bennett! We did something similar with Ava. I was off of work for spring break, so I let Ava run around diaper-less, and it really sped the process up for us! Congrats!!!!

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