Giving Wordpress a whirl.

I’m giving WordPress a whirl. I have had issues with Blogger {you know, back when I used to actually blog} and I have heard good things about this WordPress here I am.

I am still alive.

The Holiday season is almost over and a new year is upon us. 2013!!! Here we come!!!

Lots to write about, LOTS of pictures to go through, LOTS to do.

Life has taken over and the blog has taken a backseat. Okay fine, it took the trunk.

Anyway… how do I get followers over to this new blog addy? How does “following” work on WordPress? Is it simply through emailed posts?

Talk soon. I promise.

Hearts, A.


One thought on “Giving Wordpress a whirl.

  1. Hi! So glad to see you over here at WordPress. We’re all converting. Ha ha. I believe “following” a blog is via email subscription. There is a “follow” button but I’m not exactly sure what happens when you click it. I think you get email updates. I’m trying to figure it all out. It’s way different than Blogger!

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