Trick or Treat?!

We had a GREAT Halloween!!!It was Bennett’s very first Trick or Treating experience!& I think it went really well!!!! We only went to a handful of houses but a good time was had by all.Bennett dressed up as a Tiger!!!!{running to the front door to TRICK OR TREAT at GM&PB’s!}{ROARING!!!}

Hope you all had a wonderful Halloween!!!!


6 thoughts on “Trick or Treat?!

  1. That is the cutest thing ever!!! OMG and that painted nose?? I wish I had thought to go to Old Navy instead of Target, since Jack originally wanted to be a tiger. Just because they're getting bigger doesn't mean they can't still be cute. 😉

  2. My dear, I like disappeared on bloggy world but I came back sorta, trying to do construction before I get completely back, but I just saw this and just about died!!!! He is the most adorable child ever!!!! He is so precious!!!!Well I hope all went well!

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