Shutterfly Photo Book for only 10$!

I Shutterfly.
I have many-a-photobook made by them.Many.So… there is a Groupon deal today for a book for 10$.Grab it. Seriously. Do it.Please grab it through this link. {referral link- thanks!!! xoxoxox!!}Then click on GOODS – and there it should be !!!!It’s a deal, and these books rock. Seriously. {and i am in no way, shape, or form, being paid or reimbursed to say this!!! – it’s just the truth!!!}
My most recent photo book was an Instagram book.It was amazeballs. {IMO}

So GO and GET this deal.I’ve already gotten mine. ;)They make SICK Christmas presents for Gagas & Papas. 
Happy Hump day!… WW post to follow!


2 thoughts on “Shutterfly Photo Book for only 10$!

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