Weekend Re-Cap & another GIVEAWAY!!!

Friday night, Daddy P-Dawg went fishing and B & I spent the evening at my Parents’ house. My Mom and I are throwing a Baby Shower for my cousin’s wife {really not helping with my baby fever…lol} and we worked on that a little bit, and of course B entertained the entire time. He is a true comedian. 
Did Daddy P-Dawg catch any fish? Yes, he did. He tried a new lake – can’t remember the name, even – and he said they turned on right before sundown. I think he caught a couple bass and a nice walleye. Good job, DPD! 🙂
Saturday morning it was haircut time for both of my boys. B really needed it!!! 

This isn’t the best comparison pic, but you get the idea. He was a shaggy kiddo!!!!
I cut their hair myself – after dragging poor B to Snip Its a couple of times and watching him have a total breakdown during the haircuts, and then having his hair totally chopped up after getting home – I decided I could manage better myself. And so I do! 🙂 It’s not super tough and it saves a couple bucks a month. 
Saturday afternoon, I went out shopping & to dinner with a couple of friends. We had to pickup some stuff for our costumes as the group TLC. I think it will be a hoot. 🙂 {yes, I sound like my Mother…oh boy}
Yesterday, we picked pumpkins in a local pumpkin patch – it was super fun!!!
It was such a beautiful day that we had to take full advantage and we headed back to the Fall Harvest Orchard again – this time, with Daddy P.
The place rocks & I even got a couple of keeper pictures – which was a miracle considering B hadn’t had any sort of nap yet {he zonked out on the way home}. 
Then we went back to my Parents’s house again and my Mom & I cooked dinner {Korean Beef!}and afterwards, we carved pumpkins!!!!
What do you think???
Left: Gaga Mary {my Mom}
Middle: Mine {and B’s}
Right: Daddy P’s
It was fun to do, haven’t done it in a long time!!!!
What did you guys do over the weekend???

…i almost forgot about the giveaway!!!
{slaps own face}
It’s being hosted HERE.
But you can quickly enter right here as well. 
good luck!

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5 thoughts on “Weekend Re-Cap & another GIVEAWAY!!!

  1. oh his hair isn't even that bad in the before photo. our J really needs one. it's so long. so you scissor cut or use buzzer? baby fever huh??? tell more! we also went to the pumpkin patch over the weekend, without dad tho 😦 again, love B's new do and glasses and awesome sweatshirt at the patch!

  2. He looks so much bigger with the hair cut! Amazing how that happens. Our babies are growing up 😉 Love his hair in the pumpkin patch – too cute! We've got to get to carving our pumpkins soon!

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