Weekend Re-Cap

Well kiddos, the weekend flew by….again. Boo! Hiss!!! I have a bad case of the Mondays today, so keep your distance. ;)Friday we went to eat at one of our favorite restaurants – El Azteca {Mexican!! Yum!!} and our newest member of the family – the iPad – came with and made the meal a total success!!!! 

After dinner, we stopped by a few stores on the way home – as we were last-minute shopping {of course, we don’t do things any other way in this family!!!} We didn’t find anything for our main goal, but I did grab 3 nail polishes and a tinted lip balm for like 6$ at Ulta. {they have an awesome 5$ off 10$ coup right now!!!} So the shopping trip wasn’t a complete bust! :)Saturday was a lazy morning and then we headed out in the afternoon for the journey 1.5 hours away to Daddy P-Dawg’s Dad & Stepmom’s house. It was a ‘Surprise’ Birthday party for his Dad, but it came out later that somehow, he had heard about it. Something about a misplaced text message or something of the sort. Despite taking the ‘surprise’ out of the event, I think it was a good time for everyone. B warmed up after about 20 minutes and had fun playing with the kiddos again, which is always fun to watch him interact with other little ones. We went in on having a replica of a fish made for his Dad’s birthday present. It was a replica of a trout that he had caught in Alaska!

Does Daddy P-Dawg look kind of like his Dad?Happy 60 Papa Mike!!!!We didn’t get home until like 1AM on Sunday morning after this get-together!!! It was a good time!Sunday, after sleeping in until 1130 {felt AMAZEBALLS btw!}, we got ourselves together and Gaga Mary came over and we all went to the 101 Market near our house. I had grabbed a Groupon for the place as it sounded pretty cool! So anyway, off we went… and we played in the Corn Maze…

It took a little warming up, but once B figured out the corn maze was fun… he was off-roading all the time. Thank goodness he was in red!! 🙂 hehe 
We grabbed some food {including mini donuts – YUMMERS} and had a pretty good time there. We didn’t partake in some of the other stuff they had going on there just because B isn’t quite big enough for them. But we did enjoy the corn maze, the food, and the little bridge outside of the place. 🙂 I wouldn’t have ever paid 10$ per person for what we did, but the Groupon made it better. I think I paid 15$ for 4 of us. Will we go back? Maybe. It was a pretty large area and lots of fun little photo ops… like this one…
Haha… sometimes a little photo bug crawls into B’s ear and tells him he wants to take a photo. This is one of those instances. Yes, Mommy is always trying to get him to smile for pictures {it’s usually a huge cheesy, very strange-like smile} but sometimes B surprises me and does it on his own. And those are also usually the times that Mommy’s not ready. And then it’s always on his terms. He wouldn’t sit down and he wouldn’t take pictures with anyone else. Just him… and his silly smile and awkward poses. 🙂 Perfection. 🙂
I still need to post about the Fall Harvest Orchard that we went to the previous weekend. That place ROCKED and it was FREE! I want to go again before the season is over!! 
And then I had a photo session with some friends quickly yesterday afternoon/evening.
Hopefully they will be happy with the pics!!!! 🙂 
That is always my worst fear!!!!
Once we got home, I got into my sweats, ate some dinner, did some laundry and finished Disc 2 of Glee. Love that show. I always cry. Is that weird? 😛

Oh… and we did a little dancing {while eating a cookie} – we are TALENTED around our house!

He is singing in the middle… so sweet. I have no idea what he was saying but it still melted my heart. 🙂
I think I have another cold. I am SO OVER being sick and not feeling 100%.
….now i’m off to drink my Naked juice….

.. what did you all do this past weekend?

8 thoughts on “Weekend Re-Cap

  1. Wow – they look so much alike!I want to take Ava on a corn maze, but I'm scared of the cornfields. Or, more specifically, we're having a snake problem now that we've been hot and in a drought so long, so I'm afraid of what I might run into in a corn field! Looks so fun!

  2. Yes, weekend flew by for us too! Glad everyone had a good time at Grandpa's party, even if the surprise was ruined. Awesome fish you gave him! And yay for Groupon on the 101 Market. Totally don't get why these things are so expensive. The one near us is $11/ppl, which will include J's ticket. Sheesh! I'm taking J to a less expensive one! And fun photo on the bale of hay! Glad he was willing to pose for you! Share the pics you took of that family. I'd be so nervous shooting other ppl! On Sat, we had a company pumpkin patch/hay ride/cook out event. So much fun. Then we went home-shopping for random stuff. On Sunday, we went for Cantonese food, gift shopping, a haircut, and then a birthday party. Another fun filled day. I'm still pooped from the weekend!

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