Tomorrow is Unity Day

No, I don’t have a child in grade school… yet. I can’t say that I was bullied while in school myself.
But, I can tell you that I do NOT agree with bullying. Whether it be in the school, in the work place, anywhere. Bullying has no place in this world, people have enough going on in their own lives than having to deal with others putting them down physically & emotionally.
People end their lives because of being bullied and it just has to stop!!!!My Husband’s brother took his own life when he was in his early teens. They will never know exactly why, but they had an idea it was because he was being made fun of in school.
Not right. Not cool. Not okay.
Tomorrow is 10.10. – UNITY DAY.

So grab your ORANGE tomorrow & wear it loudly and proudly!!!
I’ll be sportin’ some orange tomorrow….how about you??!


One thought on “Tomorrow is Unity Day

  1. i had no idea that's what unity day is. i totally support anti bullying. when i was in middle school, this one boy always called me a sumo wrestler. but that's about all the bullying i got. these days, i think it's much worse and over the silliest things. i hope our kids have a solid group of friends that won't betray them for something stupid like not wearing the right shoes.

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