what to be for Halloweenie?

Halloween is right around the corner.Oreos are orange, all of the normally desolate stores have been filled with costume shops, costumes line the seasonal aisles at Targ… and my baby doesn’t want to dress up. {mommy cries}
I have dressed him up every year before… 



and I was able to choose the outfit {super fun for Mommy!!!}……but I was actually excited this year because I thought I could ask him and he would be able to tell me what he wanted to be!!! Because, believe me, this kid knows what he wants. And when he wants it. And how he wants it. And who he wants it from. {usually me, lol} But he has told me he doesn’t want to be anything, he doesn’t want to dress up. Even if it gets him treats.{mommy frustrated}So… how do i lure this kid into a costume?? Any ideas??What are your kiddos going to be for Halloweenie?I already know what Daddy P-Dawg & I are going to be. We are attending a party that has a theme of like rappers/R&B type theme. So… 2 other girls and myself are going to be TLC. 


I will be Lisa “Left Eye” Lopez. RIP. Still on the hunt for some blue pants!!!! You’d think it’d be easy to find, right?! NOT!!!! And then we will be using black shirts instead of mesh. I’m not as fit as LLL, that’s fo sho!
And Daddy P-Dawg?? We’re a little up in the air for him right now…. do you know any rappers/R&B peeps that have glasses???? But, he was wanting to be someone like Lil Jon… lol. I think it’s doable, also. 


A wig of dreads, long white t-shirt, crunk cup, pants hanging from the knees, big gold piece… what do you guys think??? hehehehehe 
So…. what are you going to be for Halloweenie??


5 thoughts on “what to be for Halloweenie?

  1. Your Halloween party sounds THUG! And by thug I mean AMAZEBALLS! How super fun! Can't wait to see your costumes! And the predicament with little man… totally how I feel about my Maggie. I was all excited and she's like "I don't want to dress up" WTHey!? Something gotta give… right?! We are still deciding what to be?! HELP!Kristine The Foley Fam {unedited} Blog

  2. I don't know what I am doing yet but I do know what I want to be. I want to be a teddy bear or a monster (cute version). Thanks for sharing. I am sure that you will find some blue pants soon. Codysolemnsound.blogspot.com

  3. Oh no, hopefully he changes his mind! Dressing up is so much fun!We are going as the circus; little guy is a lion, I'll be a clown, and husband is going as a bunny out of a magician's hat.Alexisswaney e

  4. Every year I dream of finding the perfect costumes that we can all wear and look great. But Sidney isn't big on the dressing up part, I have a hard time finding something I like, is flattering (and appropriate!) and I hate the idea of spending a ton of money on something that will only get worn once. So I dress up Jack and no one else. He has said he wants to be a tiger for the longest time and I knew he'd make one adorable tiger. But when we got to Target and there wasn't a tiger costume to be found and I pointed out the Spiderman costume, that was the end. So Spiderman it is! It'd be really cool if we could dress up as a family of superheroes, but I doubt it'll happen. Boo! P.S. B makes an adorable furry animal! Love him as a monkey!!

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