Guest Post: Kristen Shares some of her Fitness Tips!

hi yall!!! i’m so excited to be part of anika’s blog today!
it’s my first real guest post where i came up with the topic…so i’m pretty excited!!
i blog over @ the wright stuff all about my military man hubby, fashion, beauty, reviews, and the every day life we live. i’m not perfect…no one is. but i feel like each day i am becoming more of who i want to be and writing my blog has helped me keep up with it.
i must admit.
i HATE working out…
loathe it.
have for a looooong time.
i have never been a 5 day a weeker at the gym.
in fact i have always been a fareweather workout gal….but five years ago that changed.
i had emergency surgery in college and was threatened with a tumor on my  ovary.
it was scary. and i felt so confused.
although it was awful, life went on and the tumor was benign.
before the surgery i had lost 15 lbs and was down to 99 lbs. (too little)
i’m 5’2″…
after surgery i gained 36 lbs. (according to the doc too big)
i realized i needed to have a life change.
no more dieting or crazy pre-vacay workout routines.
having a scare like that makes you change your view on things sometimes.
i’m not perfect.
but i have learned a few things along the way.
everyone is different when it comes to working out.
some are runners, yogis, or weight gals…
but you HAVE to find your comfort zone.
and you have to LISTEN to your body.
for me its a few days of cardio and weights mixed with a few days of hot yoga.
oh and find a friend.
especially if the activity is new to you.
i found a friend who had been doing yoga a long time to go with when i started…
helped so much and made me feel more comfortable.
there is no such thing as a diet.
its a lifestyle change when it comes to eating.
if you diet and don’t change your thought process..
the weight will most likely come back.
(i know its happened to me!!!)
find healthy options that TASTE good!!!
military man always said i eat it because it’s healthy not because its good.
this just isn’t acceptable to me!
there are way too many options not to find ones that taste good.
cook at home and experiment.
not only is this great on your wallet and waistline…
its fun!
get the family involved!!!
don’t cut out your must have favorite foods.
if you love chocolate.
have some. 
in moderation all things are good!
cut out the sodas…even diet.
it bloats you….gross right!!!
have rewards.
goals are great to motivate you!!!
post something inspirational on your bathroom mirror.
now i am no dietition but i know whats worked for me…
none of this is new news…
but i thought i’d share my thoughts with you today!!!
i still don’t love working out and have days i dread going…
but the good has finally outweighed the cost.
and remember find something to enjoy about eating right and working out….



3 thoughts on “Guest Post: Kristen Shares some of her Fitness Tips!

  1. Thanks for the post. I have had lots of struggles with womanly issues over the last 8 years and gained a lot of weight after several miscarriages and finally a thyroid disorder diagnosis (along with hormone imbalance that goes right along with it). I have struggled off and on with losing and regaining. After 2 kids in the last 3 years I am FINALLY on my way to Healthy! I have started this new journey realizing that as you said, it needs to be a lifestyle change. No fad diets, no crazy weight loss shakes. Just healthy foods that taste good…and working up to working out more often. I have set my goals and I know the process will be slow…but in the end it will be SO worth it. 🙂 For anyone interested I started a blog to document my journey to lose these 70 lbs.

  2. Wow, how scary about the ovary surgery in college! But it was a blessing in disguise as it powered you to make a life-change. I agree with you that life-style change is the best change, not just some fad diet. Thanks for motivating me to do what's best for my body and my life, and to make a change for the better.

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