I am giddy with excitement as our vacay is almost here! 

this is how i feel!!!

Yes, I was just on vacay last weekend in Chi… but this is with B so I think it will be even more fun. {Man, I am getting old and domesticated} I look forward to a great long weekend with great family and great fun! It’s so awesome to be able to get away .. even though it’s going to be HOT HOT HOT in Arizona. I’m ready to get out of this cubicle and into… well, anywhere but here. :-X My job isn’t very exciting. It’s nothing life-changing, and I don’t do anything that accomplishes anything life-changing, and it doesn’t help anyone or the world or anything. I push papers, etc. Totally boring. I am not complaining…{ok, sort of}… because it could be a lot worse. I could be out of the job.. or stuck with a group of people that I 100% cannot stand. That’s not the case here. I like most of my co-workers, for the most part {everyone has their days}, but sometimes this place wears on me. So… it is a welcome time to get away and forget all about this place!!!! We will be on a plane in less than 7 hours. Okay, that didn’t sound the best. Not as close as I thought it was. I will be out of the office in less than 3 hours. Yay!!! I have a couple of guest posts lined up while I’m away {THANK YOU LADIES!!!! Lisa & Kristen!!!} And there is a super fun blog hop coming up soon!!!! Also… did you get to see MY guest posts on a couple of my buddy’s blogs???Please check them out HERE & HERE.One of them is my celebrity crushes and let me tell you… you will not be disappointed ladies. ;)It may be only Thursday but to me, it’s Friday!!!! I hope everyone has a safe & fun Labor Day weekend!!!!!


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