No sleep for the wicked! & WW

OK, so I’m not so much wicked as a sucker for the television.We have a trip coming up very soon {tomorrow-OMG} for Arizona! I was just giving my Husband a hard time earlier in the week because the procrastination that we both have an issue with tends to cause unnecessary stress. Always. Have we learned our lessons yet? Heck no. Will we ever? Good question. I’ll think about it when it comes up again. {ugh} I was saying that we should really get packed well before Thursday {i will get myself packed tonight!!! i will! I WILL!!! stop looking at me like that!} I need to learn to take my own criticisms because I am just as bad as he is. Sorry P-Dawg.Anyway, last night I should have been packing, right? I should have been cleaning {our house is a f’in mess from our frantic last-minute packing/etc}, I should have been making a list of what we need to NOT forget, I should have been cooking dinner, I should have been putting clean clothes away {HATE it!}, I should have been writing in my Gratitude Journal {total FAIL lately :(}…you get the idea. What did I do last night? I went to the salon and had my hair did {reveal to come!} which took almost 2 hours… came home, sort of ate some sort of “dinner” and got B to bed and then I sat my upset-stomach-lazy-butt on the couch and watched the season finale of Teen Mom. 

It was an hour and a half long. But then after that, I wasn’t too tired so I sat my still-super-lazy-should-be-sleeping butt on the couch and finished watching Made of Honor that I had DVR’d from a previous day. 

To give myself a little bit of a break, I did manage to do 3 loads of laundry during my uselessness-on-the-couch phase. But…still!!!! I should have been cleaning the kitchen, putting away the multiple piles of clean clothes, doing something productive!!! Does doing laundry behind the scenes count as being productive??? Um…suuuuuuuuuuure…… So…I’m a sucker for not-the-best television {i cried watching the playback of the road these kids have been on!!!!} and girly movies. What can I say??? I don’t even think Patrick Dempsey is all that great looking. But everyone wants that love story, right?? As I’m weeping through the oh-so-predictable love story in Made of Honor… I’m wondering… does this crap really happen?? I will say that Miki has an AWESOME love story. She just had her 1 year anniversary and she wrote about the entire process of how they became a super duper duper duper DUPER cute couple. check it out. But… is it normal to not have an amazing love story?? I’m sure everyone has their own awesome love story… awesome in its own way. But you can’t help but wish that girl in that movie was you…hence the entertainment value. Or am I a total loser? lol {i laugh because i’m nervous that might be true!! haha}I haven’t been getting much sleep at all lately. I feel like there is never enough time in the day to get anything that I really want done done. I need to really organize my life better. Why am I such a cluster-F? I maybe have ADD or something… I’m not sure what it is but I cannot focus on anything for more than 5 minutes without having to start or think or freak about something else. Problem??? I think so. It’s kind of driving me crazy. But other than that……… I’m all good! lolDon’t be scared, I’m not actually cray.Or am I???
OK.. can’t forget about WW {wordless wednesday}!!

Happy Hump Day!!!!


2 thoughts on “No sleep for the wicked! & WW

  1. HA! I thought at first by "bean" you meant an ultrasound picture! Any news like that coming up? ;)I'm so jealous you get to go to Chicago so often – I've never been, but hope to someday!

  2. I was supposed to be editing vacation photos last night but got caught up on Facebook, and Alan was watching Bar Rescue (new fav show) and SYTYCD, so I only edited 5 out of 300. ;). I do laundry while watching TV all the time. It counts. PS Get ready to be comment-bombed.

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