We got back from Chi around 5 today. It was a fun First Annual Cousins weekend!{post to follow!}If you follow me on Instagram, you will have seen a lot of what we did. :)If not, check it out!!!! Otherwise, I’m sure I’ll be posting some of those pics in my post about this past weekend.This past weekend was sans B. This next trip coming up over Labor Day weekend is with B. I am looking forward to it because I did miss the crap out of that kid while we were away..and of course there’s that mommy guilt that I don’t think will ever go away. Well, maybe when he hates my guts around 16. ;)B has not been a super traveled child. He has been on an airplane once before when we went to Arizona last year.

I don’t remember it being a super horrifying experience, but I don’t remember it going all that smoothly either. I thought I was prepared, but I feel like I should have been more prepared… and this time I want to be extremely well prepared. So… tips, please??? Tips on traveling with a toddler???I have a major fear of being that family with the child that they can’t control; the child that’s screaming; the child that’s whining. Yeah…I know it happens to the best of us, but… it has been and always will be, a huge fear of mine. So… multiply that by 10 when you’re stuck on a plane.


 No picking up & leaving!!!*gulp*So…. please throw at me any little tips of the trade you may have up your sleeves. I want to hear it all. And………………GO!


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  1. for some reason, i can't subscribe to your blog (greader!). i'll figure it out.this is what i do:1) bring extra snacks and extra water. you never know if you'll be stuck on the plane. dry foods like bear paws, crackers etc. my friend did this (luckily) and ended up getting stuck on the plane on the tarmac for SIX HOURS. the plane ran out of food and she was the only one who had extra snacks so her kids were the only ones NOT screaming.2) go to the dollar store. buy anything that you think will entertain B – crayons, coloring books, stickers, sticker books, cheap toys etc. buy 2 of each. pack one set for going there and one set (leave in suitcase) for on the way back. who cares of he loses stuff in the plane – it's dollar store stuff. 3) load up on shows/games on your tablet or phone for the plane ride. kids don't care if they've seen a show a hundred times so as long as you have at least 5 or 6 shows, you're golden.4) bring 2 extra sets of clothes for B in your carry-on (or his carry-on), including extra diapers if he's still in diapers or pullups. just in case of lost luggage (do this for yourself too)

  2. oh, one more thing…. when you land is when they scream (ear pressure hurts). pack some extra lollipops or candy (gummies etc) for him to chew. give them to him before you start decending… listen out for the pilot's announcement. helps with the ear pressure.

  3. He's so cute in the cowboy hat!My tip for traveling (we've only taken long car rides, no plane yet) is to have snacks, activities, and maybe a new toy or 2. but I guess you've already packed so hopefully you're as prepared as you wanted to be!PS I love Kathy above.

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