Happy Birthday, Gaga Mary!!

Today is my wonderful Mother’s birthday! 

My family isn’t one to be very verbal with our feelings. 
{hello, we are Scandinavian-raised!!}
But… I am a big time birthday celebrator.
I love birthdays and I think they are SO important to recognize.
Hello!!! Today is the day you were born!!!
What better reason to rejoice and be happy?!
Anyway, moving on to the subject!
My Mother is downright amazing.
No ifs, ands, or buts about it.
She physically manages to accomplish MANY things, on a daily basis.
I do not know how she does it, honestly.
She also emotionally manages our family and their … “complications”.
{what family doesn’t have those?}
She is a very capable woman.
She does it all!
She has raised 3 strong women while maintaining beauty & strength within herself!
She puts up with my Dad {quite a handful at times!}on a daily basis!
Haha…. and all of the rest of us also. As we, too, are a handful at times. Who isn’t, right?
Has become the BEST “Gaga” Bennett could have dreamed of.
Still has that beautiful, round face that she had when she popped out of the womb.
{little joke I carry with my Mom}
The relationship between Bennett and my Mother is fantastic.
They truly have a very special bond.
The other day we were having brats “hot dogs” for dinner and B came to the conclusion that he love Gaga more than Mommy but Mommy a little more than the hot dog.

Hey, at least I beat out the dog.So… on this day, only 64 graceful years ago, this earth was blessed with Gaga Mary!We’re all pretty lucky to have her in our life!!! Enjoy your special day, Mom – you totally deserve it & more!We may not say it enough…but…WE LOVE YOU ALL THE TIME GAGA MARY!!!


3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Gaga Mary!!

  1. Happy Birthday to your mom! I'm sure you have a lot of her qualities as well! Glad that B and Gaga have a special relationship b/c it's really important to have multi-generational connections. And LOL about the hot dog..so funny!

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