Busy Times

Ahhh, another Monday is here.::puke me::I’m not a fan of Mondays, or mornings…or the beginnings of another work week.Yes, I am a negative Nancy today.Check in with me any Monday – it will be the same {usually}
Although, I should be in better spirits this week as it is a short week for me!!!We leave Friday AM for Chi!! The First Annual Cousin’s Weekend begins in 2012!!!Whoop Whoop!We have a couple super fun things lined up for Saturday:The Taste TourSecond City Show: Who Do We Think We Are?And… the bars are open until 4AM there.Say whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?!;-)
Yes, we are going sans B.He is not the best bar-hopper. 😛
Anyway, so I have that to look forward to!!!
But that’s not all, folks.
Busy Times was the post title and I ain’t jokin’.
We go to Chi this weekend, coming home on Sunday.MN State Fair starts this Thurs & we will be going next week, some evening we can grab a sitter!And then next Thurs-Labor Day {Mon}, we are headed to AZ with some of Pat’s family!We will be home Labor Day and then we have a wedding, my side of the family, on Saturday {rehearsal dinner on Friday!}After that…things are going to start to slow down a bit.But then we will have our annual camping trip {P & I} sometime in September, depending on weather!
Busy times are fun, but it will be nice when things slow down a little bit.
We also are still working on getting our bathroom addition/remodel done in the somewhat near future in the midst of all the other fun stuff. So stay tuned on how that works out! 
This past weekend was good, also!Quick Recap with the help of Instagram…

With that, I bid you adieu.
Hope you guys have a great Monday!!!
PS. Anyone use shakes to lose weight yet?
I’m thinking of trying them… wondering which work and which don’t… etc. etc.
Any reco’s are welcome & super, duper appreciated!!!


5 thoughts on “Busy Times

  1. Busy busy lady! My mother in law keeps telling me I need to go visit my momma when the taste is going on. Hasn't worked out in the 2 years they have lived there yet. Someday. I literally Lol'd about B not being a good bar hopper. haha. I hope you guys have a good weekend and great trips coming up!

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