The Mouse’s Last Meal

One of these little buggers cost us $150. over this past weekend!!!
Friday night after work, Daddy P texted me not to turn the A/C on if I got home before him. 
I came home to learn that our A/C was not working… and blowing fuses, at that.
We put a phone call into our Dads {our parents help us out all.of.the.time – LOVE them for that!}
to see if they had any ideas on how to fix it.
After P talked to his Dad, it didn’t sound good. His Dad thought it was the compressor in the actual A/C unit itself. They had theirs fixed at their house in Arizona {GOTTA have A/C there!} and it cost them about 2K.
Um, what? I was watching my master bathroom project disappear before my eyes. 
My Parents have been to Chi to visit my little Sister & Bro-in-law, so we could not get a hold of my Dad right away. {he is a retired electrician, so usually extremely helpful}
Once we did get a hold of him, he walked P through a couple of instances and the fuse still was poppin’. 
So…. with heavy heads, we called a heating & cooling guy that my Dad referred us to.
He came {quite quickly for a Saturday afternoon, mind you!} and fixed it for us.
Yes!!! We have A/C now!!! 
What happened? Did we need a 2K compressor as a fix?
Heck no! And thank goodness for that!!!
It was a mouse.
The mouse had gotten inside the cover and eaten the wires… which was the last thing that little thing did because it was fried. Gross, I know. I will spare you the picture {no, I didn’t really take one}
On the upside, he reconnected the last meal wires and cleaned the unit {which now P knows how to do on his own}, our freon was low so that was also filled up.
Glad we can still focus on our Master Bathroom project!!!!


One thought on “The Mouse’s Last Meal

  1. Glad it didn't cost you $2K. $150 pretty reasonable! And ew about the fried mouse. You didn't smell it? Or maybe you did and didn't know. But glad it's fixed! AC probs sucks

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