Making this house a home: Bathroom Crap

We purchased our current house in July of 2010. We are still working on making it our home.{we also own a townhome we currently rent out but that place never really felt like home}There are many things we want to change but the list seems to continue to grow, yet not much has gotten checked off of it. We have done some things like some landscaping, repainted many rooms… littler things like that. But we are currently mulling over serious thoughts of adding a master bathroom. Excited? Oh yes!!! We really need one! We only have 2 bathrooms right now and the one upstairs is a freakin’ walk-through. I HATE walk-through bathrooms!!!!! I will NEVER EVER EVER purchase a house ever again that has one. It is one of my biggest pet peeves about our house right now. SO adding on a bathroom would eliminate the walk-through portion of the current bathroom and that would be SO AWESOME for me!It’s so funny how home things used to seem so lame and now being a homeowner, they are super exciting!!! I never thought I would be so thrilled to make trips to Home Depot, Lowe’s or Menards. :-PSo…. at the top of our ever-growing list of things to make our house a home…•ADDITION OF MASTER BATH•REMODEL OF CURRENT BATHI have been looking on the internet for some bathroom ideas. One of the MUST-HAVES for the master bath is double sinks. That’s another thing I won’t ever buy another house without – double sinks!!!! I really love black & white tile… 

I really REALLY love that last one – it would be a TON of work, but … 
Daddy P also vetoed this. lol oh well, back to the drawing board. 😉
What do you love about your bathrooms?!


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