Weekend Goals

♦ Watch 2 movies {1 kid & 1 adult}
♦ Clean Kitchen
{all dishes=empty sink=sparsely-loaded dishwasher, clean countertops, clean table, clean hutch-top}
♦ Clean downstairs bedroom
♦ Move Armoire from our bedroom to downstairs bedroom {once cleaned}
♦ Landscaping {front yard}
♦ Knit {at least} one dish cloth
♦ Catch up on laundry {i HATE laundry!!!!}
♦ Try a new recipe for Sunday night dinner! {thinking the crockpot may be involved!}
♦ Hit up Goodwill
♦ Edit more pictures
♦ Prepare Chicago trip post
♦ Workout 2x
♦ Sleep!!!!
♦ Relax!!!
What do you all have planned this weekend?


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