A Journal with Purpose

Here is the journal that I ordered a little ways back from Paper Coterie
I love it and have been trying to figure out the best way to use it. 
A big thanks goes to Lisa over at expandng for bringing to my attention: gratitude journals.
I googled it and came upon this:
If you want to start attracting positive things into your life, Michael says there is one small thing you should do every day—show your gratitude, appreciation and love for the people and things around you. “On a daily basis, find something you are appreciative of or find something you are grateful for,” Michael says. “Start a journal. You might even want to call it your appreciation journal or gratitude journal and go to it [and write] five minutes a day.”

By acknowledging what you are grateful for in your journal, Michael says you’ll become a deliberate attractor of positive vibrations. “Did you know that appreciation, gratitude and love are the highest forms of vibration?” he asks. “You can only have one vibration at a time, and if you are noticing what you appreciate and noticing what you are grateful for, you can’t be noticing what you don’t like.”

As more of your thoughts and words become positive, you’ll start attracting more positive people and circumstances, Michael says. “Decide today that you are going to reduce negativity in your life by getting rid of the ‘don’ts,’ ‘nots’ and ‘no’s’—the negative people, the negative thoughts,” he says. “Get in the habit of appreciating things.”

I am all about it and look forward to filling this journal up. I have always liked the idea of a journal, I just have never actually followed through with one… but now I have a real reason to want to. I definitely want to rid my life of negativity!!! I am going to try really hard to write in it on a daily basis. I have 5 minutes to spare, especially for a wonderful goal like this.


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