I am 30 today. Technically. Maybe.
You see, I was adopted when I was 3 months old from South Korea.They weren’t told my actual birth date, so they deducted it on their own.This is the earliest picture my Parents have of me. 

This is actually the picture they sent them to make sure that I was OK enough for them to adopt me. Haha.
My Mom said it was to show that I had 10 fingers & 10 toes.
I was left on the doorstep of a police station around 3 days old, so the story goes.
I had a note from my {assumed} birth Mother stating my name.
My birth name was In Hye Chae.
My Mother included the Chae in my middle name that I carry around with me today.
 {I have 3 official ones nowadays!}
I was transferred to an orphanage and adopted to the US from there.
And here I am today.
Young {still}
I do wonder sometimes about my birth parents and all that story entails…
but I am so at home here in the States, here in Minnesota.
And my family is my family and I don’t need anyone or anything more.
Did I accomplish everything that I had hoped and dreamed of doing by the time I hit the 30 mark?
Yes, I am all of the above.
How do I feel?
I feel great. I feel the same. I feel young.
What am I doing to celebrate?
I already had a big night out with friends so tonight we are just going to do a low-key grill-out at my Parents house. And then this weekend, we will celebrate it with Auntie L and Uncle M in GL. Perfecto!!!
What’s next?
The rest of my life.
I can’t wait for the journey to continue and look forward to everything else life has in store for me.
Take it from me, life is definitely not over at 30.


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