Proud Moment

We all have them. Those moments that make us beam with pride over our little ones.
Daddy P & I had one over the weekend, Friday to be exact.
Daddy P & B met me after work and we headed out to the mall to do a little shopping for Mother’s Day.We stopped into Coldwater Creek as I recalled that’s a store that Gaga S liked. {my memory served me correctly, for once!!} We picked out a necklace & earring set that I think she really liked! {Score for us!}
Anyway, we spent our time looking at the jewelry and then while Daddy P was checking out, B & I went around and looked at some other stuff in the store to keep occupied. 
So we checked out and left the store and went about our biz.
Then as we were walking to another store, a woman started pointing and walking towards us as if she knew us. I didn’t recognize her so was confused as to what was actually happening. She proceeded to call B “a little doll” and said that he was “the best behaved child she’s ever seen in a store”. We thanked her for the sweet compliment and went on our way. I am not sure why she thought he was “the best behaved child”, but nevertheless, I was proud. 
And how nice of the lady to tell us what she thought. Compliments go a long way!!
You are a good boy, B.
Love you SO much!


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