Happy Mother’s Day {a little late!}

Mother’s Day 2010

To: My Mom
I just wanted to throw out some MAD PROPS to my Mom! She is AWESOME. I still am in awe of everything she’s capable of, she is like the Energizer bunny! My Mom has been through so much in her life and yet handles every day and whatever it brings with grace and a beautiful smile. Moms put up with a lot and I know I was not the easiest child to raise, or tolerate. Thank you, Mom, for putting up with all of my crap!  I could not have asked for a better woman to call my own Mother. She always has the answers for my long list of questions. I am so thankful that my Son is BLESSED with such a WONDERFUL Gaga too!!!! They truly are such great little pals that I couldn’t be happier with that. Thank you, Mom, for being such a wonderful friend and Gaga to Bennett. WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!

To: The Apple of My Eye {B}
Thank you for making me a Mother. My life wasn’t full until you were in it. You have filled my heart with such joy and love that I never knew it could be so full. You make me proud every single day and I will continue to try to be the best Mom I can be for you. I love you SO much!


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