Happy May Day!

This cracks me up every time I see it. One of my friends on FB posted it… !! 
I can hardly believe that it’s already May. Actually, I simply can’t. 
Time really does fly. booooo
So… anyone have any goals for the beautiful month of MAY?!
I love to-do lists {not that everything ever gets checked off of it or anything}, and I like having things laid out in front of me, I love to plan and I like to fill my calendar with good stuff. Who doesn’t, right? So, should I blog about what my goals are for the month??? Maybe…
Just off the top of my head, there are a few things that I need/want to do. 
♦ copy the old pics & vids off my cell phone to make room for NEW ones! {It is SO frustrating to go to take another picture or take another video, or record another voice memo… and I have no space. GRR!!!}
♦ take more pictures with my nice camera, this includes learning MORE about my camera. {I should really sit down and read the manual!!!! }
♦ stay on top of laundry {this is probably going to piss me off the most!!! – I LOATHE YOU, LAUNDRY!}
♦ paint the living room, entry way, and hallway!!!! {the icky paint scheme the previous owners slopped on the walls is really getting on my last nerve!!!}
♦ workout MORE {meaning… like 5x a week, MINIMUM} {am i totally screwing myself here?}
♦ eat less crap {i love crap, btw}
♦ less TV for Mr. B {it’s not like I set him in front of the television all the time, it’s just that sometimes nothing can get done unless he’s preoccupied …completely – thank you, Bubble Guppies & recently, Doc McStuffins}
♦ Figure out and possibly DO landscaping {Our yard really needs some TLC, anyone know where I can get some super cute gardening gloves??? It’s tough to pull weeds with a big ol’ leather glove NOT meant for such things!}
♦ Finish organizing the kitchen {at least!!! other rooms to follow, but the kitchen needs it MOST!}
♦ Paint master bedroom furniture {to white!}
Ok, I need to stop. This list is getting out of hand!!!!
Do you have any goals for May? Well, do ya?!



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