It’s Hard to say Goodbye…

There is a little boy that had left B’s daycare and now he’s returned. B did not like this little boy and when he was there before, we would hear little snippets [B couldn’t talk as well as he can now] about this boy named Landon. We do keep in mind that he does exaggerate things sometimes but hearing about a child getting pushed down the stairs is unsettling. Our daycare lady did clear that up and made sure we knew that didn’t actually happen. We didn’t know this little boy was going to be coming back to daycare until he was just there yesterday morning. Daddy P brings him and picks him up since the daycare is close to his office and he said as soon as they walked in the door and B laid eyes on Landon, he started to cry. He went straight to the floor and cried. The idea alone almost makes me want to cry!!!! When Daddy P went to pick B up yesterday, he walked into B on Kari’s lap with evidence he’d recently been crying. I guess Landon had smashed Bennett’s finger with a block. Daddy P voiced his concerns with Kari and she has since assured us that she will definitely be keeping watch over little Landon. I guess he’s maybe 4-5 years old. I know this will happen from time to time and we cannot always protect our children from all the unkind things or people in this world. But right now, we can, and I hope Landon learns to behave himself for the short period of time he’s back in B’s daycare. Kari said until “summer”. Ugh.
I never realized how hard it would be to be a working Mom. I miss B every single day when I’m not around him and feel guilty every second I’m not with him. I realize it’s unrealistic at this time for me to think about staying home with him, but it doesn’t make it any easier. 
This morning, B was in a mood. He didn’t want anything to do with Daddy P.
He said “I want go Gaga Mary’s house” … [he spends 2 glorious days a week with my Mom aka. Gaga Mary] and when I told him he wasn’t going today, he was not happy. I carried him out to the truck and strapped him in his seat… and then I gave him kisses bye and turned to leave… all I saw was his sweet little face distorted into distress and him saying “Don’t leave me!” …. can you hear my HEART BREAKING???! Daddy P let me know that he didn’t actually cry after they left but Mommy did. It’s so HARD to say GOODBYE to this little guy… Every Monday – Friday. 
I need to win the lottery. 🙂



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