It’s OK Thursday!

Happy Thursday everyone!!!
You may have noticed I changed my blog look again… sorry for the constant changing. What can I say? I get restless!!!! 
Well, what do you think of it?
Without further ado…

It’s OK…to have a cold and still come to work. Hey, everyone else does it. Why can’t I? I don’t want to use my limited PTO for a stupid cold either. So there!

Image: Source

It’s OK…to like to have your picture taken, sometimes.My photographer friend, Ian & I went to a park yesterday to try out some posing, shooting, etc. It was kind of fun. *GASP*

Image: Ian Canfield Photography

It’s OK…to eat a lunch full of horrible things because you just want to and it just sounds and tastes so good. ie. cream cheese wontons – yummy!!!!

Image: Source

It’s OK…to sit and daydream about being OUTSIDE the cement walls that keep you in on such a gorgeous day. *sigh*

Image: Source

It’s OK…to read someone else’s blog and not actually comment ALL.THE.TIME.

Image: Source

I hope you are all feeling healthy and happy. Tomorrow’s Friday!!! HOLLA 🙂



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