Happy Belated Easter !!
I hope you all had a wonderful day!
Auntie L & Uncle M were in town from ‘Cago!!! B actually got to see a lot of people on Easter… Gaga Mary, Papa Bob, Gaga Sylvia, Auntie S, Brad, Brooke, Buddy, and even met 2 more people!!! And of course, Mommy & Daddy. 🙂
We started out bright and early with Church service at 830AM! B was such a good boy and we stayed for most of the service within the sanctuary. About 4/5ths of the way through, B decided he had had enough and we headed to the nursery to play for about 10 minutes, tops. Then we went back to Gaga M & Papa B’s for an Easter egg hunt and baskets!!! YUMMY food and MORE yummy food. I probably gained a good 5 pounds over the weekend. Oh well. It was worth it!!!!! 🙂
I am behind in editing photos, etc. I got Adobe Lightroom a few weeks back and am still working on getting to know it and all that fun stuff. And RAW images are HUGE. I need to figure out what to do about my space, or lack thereof, issue.



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  1. Hiyee! I thin you need to enable Disqus for mobile!! Anyways Happy Easter and yea for RAW! And yay for Lightroom. You'll have to post tutorials!

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