Whatcha doin?

It’s Monday, my least favorite day of the week.
The weather outside isn’t helping my feeling of “Blah” right now either!!!! Talk about dreary, wet, and just plain BLAH! I should shut my mouth bind my fingers though because it could be -15 and snowy… so I’ll just stop before I start enraging Mother Nature. 😉
What did you all do this past weekend? 
Saturday, my wonderful Mother & Father came over and my Dad and Daddy P proceeded to wire, install, and finish like 8-10 cans in our living room. It is SO much better and now I can get rid of the 5 random lamps that had been struggling to light the room…hooray!!! Then Saturday night, we went to a birthday party – house party/party bus which was a good time but I definitely can’t party like I used to. And… it’s not as fun anymore, is it possible? Could I really be… growing up? haha
Hangover yesterday wasn’t so bad… I think poor Daddy P was worse off. I think we are both all good today!
Anyway, my party bus experience wasn’t what I was really hoping for, so I think that idea is out for my 30th this summer. I’m still debating what to do!!! It’s my 30th, I have to do something!!!! Ideas?
The weather here in MN is really getting to be strange… Spring Fever has struck people a lot earlier this year… being we have a high of 72 on Wednesday. Say what?! 72! 
On the docket for tonight?Laundry, Nails, Coupons, Show catch-up, at least 1 chapter of my book
Whatcha doin tonight??Photobucket


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